Computer Software Technology

Using Project Scope to Create an Interactive PowerPoint Presentation

The use of PowerPoint software is becoming more popular to create presentations for business, entertainment, and education. Project Scope PPT software can assist you in creating meaningful interactive PowerPoint presentations. With Project Scope, you can gather people’s responses and add them into an interactive PowerPoint document and this data can be used in your presentation. […]


Fun, Amazing Video Games

There have been video games that have been released in 2011…so far. Some were very good games and others…not so much. To help you decide which games are worth getting, I created a list of all my favorite video games from this year. Duke Nukem Forever Duke Nukem is back fighting aliens and trying to […]

Arts Guide

What Is Painting By Numbers?

In this quarantine period, it seems that we can’t anything. Almost everything is closed. We can’t go out to see a movie, dine in in a restaurant, go shopping at mall and others. Since we’re stuck at home, the things that we can only do are those indoor activities only. Most them include physical workout, […]