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7 Tips while finding the right Bluetooth Headset device for Truckers

Are you on the lookout of a credible Bluetooth headset for your long trucking hours? Now, yes, trucking could be boring and the best thing to beat your boredom here could be a solid Bluetooth headset. Also, a Bluetooth headset allows you to stay connected to your near and dear ones over phone while driving and that too without using your hand. Now, the headset market is flooded with a wealth of Bluetooth headsets. But, as per an expert online accessory guide like Ironhorsetrading, there are several aspects to check before one invests in a Bluetooth headset.

The post below offers a brief on the points to remember while looking for the best possible Bluetooth headset.

Solid noise cancellation

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to listen to your favorite playlist because of loud noise outside. Now, a trucker has to drive through some of the busiest of roads. So, you can’t just avoid loud noise of busy traffic while traffic. But, what you can do here is prevent that noise from getting into your ears while you have tuned into your most loved track while driving. And for that, you will require an advanced Bluetooth headset which is engineered with cutting-edge noise cancellation technology. In other words, having the headset will be pointless on road if it can’t block ambient noise. 

Advanced ergonomic design

Truckers need to drive long distances non-stop at times. In fact, you might not have any other person by your side throughout the route. And that’s really daunting for anybody. This is where Bluetooth headsets come as a buddy which you would love to wear for hours so that you don’t get bored enroute. But, what if wearing the headset is just pain after a point of time? You certainly won’t like that. Thus, look for a Bluetooth headset which comes with ergonomic design that doesn’t cause ear discomfort or instances of unwanted moisture build-up. Not only that, the headset should allow easy customization so that the headset can the overall contour of user’s head conveniently. The bottomline is, the fit and wear of your chosen headset should be comfortable. 

Microphone quality

As mentioned previously, the headset will be required not only to listen to music but also to speak on the phone. Thus, it’s extremely important that your chosen Bluetooth headset comes with a high quality microphone. In regards to the expected decibel of the microphone, it should be minimum 26db. Not just that, the microphone must be powerful enough to transmit your (speaker’s) word clearly. 

Check battery life

It’s not easy for a trucker to find charging stations conveniently while on road always. Now, what if your headset loses out on its charge mid-way? Forget music, you won’t be able to connect with your family and vice versa and both sides would end up worrying real bad. Thus, look for a reliable Bluetooth headset that comes with solid battery life. The one you go for should be able to promise minimum 17-20 hours+ battery juice in one charge.

Strong durability

A Bluetooth headset is a considerable investment. You are not going to buy one every 6 months. So, find out a credible, sturdy and durable Bluetooth headset.


This is another important point to consider while looking for a reliable Bluetooth Headset for your trucking roads. What if the headset gets damaged accidentally even while it’s new? Well, in that case, you must be careful to look for a Bluetooth headset that comes with a solid warranty. Your chosen one must assure minimum 1 year of warranty.

Cash-back guarantee

What if the headset you buy turns out to be a faulty one? Make sure to look for a model that offers cash back guarantee on customer dissatisfaction. Your chosen one must be backed by a minimum 30-days of cash back guarantee.

Final words

Don’t forget a comparative study. There are several Bluetooth headset model and brands today but not all would be equally suitable for you. Thus, you should always make a shortlist of at least 4-5 models and get a comparative research on them before reaching to the final decision. The one you choose should command a solid reputation in the market and must be followed by happy users. 

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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