Businesses That Joined the Pokemon Go Bandwagon

Pokemon Go has certainly one of the best mobile games ever created. It has gained popularity across the globe. As a result, businesses and companies have also joined the bandwagon. Here are some of the businesses that are cashing in on Pokemin Go.


One of the most popular businesses that are cashing on Pokemon is The domain was up for auction on eBay briefly for a staggering $2,999. So if you have the ability to get your hands on this profitable domain before a trend picks up speed, you can definitely grow your money by selling it.


T-mobile is considered as one of the biggest broadband and mobile providers in United Kingdom. Recently, the company uses Pokemon Go to attract more customers and make more profit for their business. The company is also very strategic because they tapped into a problem that most of the Poke-hunters are facing: the need for 4G and 3G data. Hence, they offer their customers unlimited data for using Pokemon Go for the whole year. T-mobile also promoted 50% discount on a portable power packs in their stores. It is no doubt that the company is really strategic and their marketing strategies using Pokemon Go are spectacular.

Since the boom of Pokemon Go, buying and selling of the game accounts has become popular for fanatic players. Relatively, those accounts that are considered to be high levels can be sold for high prices as well. But for these transactions to take place, there should be a market. This is now where comes into the picture. acts as a general marketplace where the buying and selling of Pokemon Go accounts happen. The website itself is making money through display ads and presumably a small commission on each sale. This is where you can find Pokemon go account for sale. 

Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time is also another business that is cashing in on Pokemon Go. This company is an Australian baker that jumped on the trend brought by Pokemon Go by creating a special range of Pokemon Donuts. Since it opened to the market, it has generated long queues of customers.

McDonald’s sponsored Pokestops

The giant fast food chain did not limit itself from just selling fastfood to its customers. It went outside the box and joined the trend. McDonals agreed to sponsor Pokemon stops in Japan which will likely lead to huge increase in foot traffic as Pokehunters stop at MacDonald to catch pokemon and fuel up. This is indeed a creative and smart strategy for McDonald. Not only they cater to a great number of customers but they were also able to increase their sales.

Australian Bananas

Real world business also participate in the bug trend. Just like Australian Bananas. This company has several and various social media marketing in relation to Pokemon Go. The post on social media was very engaging and it was able to generate 7000 likes and hundreds of comments.

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