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Cheap 24″ inch by asus? Read the ASUS VE248H Review

Tagged as the World Leader in Technology and one of the fastest growing brands in the tech world, ASUS has introduced yet another 24-inch LED-backlit that will impress many users – ASUS VE248H. This is a LED monitor that is designed to cater gamers, movie watchers and internet surfers alike. With its sensibly sophisticated design, viewers can get to enjoy faultless appearance and additional screen real estate. Further, its cable management has been truly valuable as it has hidden and organized wires neatly. You will definitely enjoy a clutter-free appearance in any setting. ASUS VE248H offers a set of features that provides visual delight such as the following:

The current price for this monitor is between $200-$250, you can find the best price right here.

There could no other perfect way to play games, watch HD movies and even viewing photo images than having it all viewed in a high definition 24-inch LED monitor. With 2ms Trace Free Technology, the monitor delivers plausible detail for motion playbacks for fast track scenes. Having an ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio of 10,000,000:1, sharp and accurate images are effectively produced.

This LED monitor is designed to exhibit lesser radiations that will affect the environment, reduced power consumption to save energy and mercury-free materials to stay friendly to the ecosystem.

VE248H is a smart LED monitor as it has this AI Light features that helps prevent your eyes from developing a blinding sensation buy detecting lighting environment and displaying just the right level of brightness. A smart feature, I must say.

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All ASUS displays do have this feature where it allows you to heighten the screen color and contrast according to your preference. With six preset scenarios to choose from, you will surely enjoy whatever you are viewing as it is showcased according to the mood you would like to have. You can also make use of the exclusive ASUS Aspect Control where you can adjust the aspect ratio to your favorite viewing preference. Adding to that is the built-in speakers that provide good sound quality to complement with excellent visuals.

Other features of ASUS VE248H are:

Convenient key controls for functional set-up in the multi-language OSD.

ASUS VE248H comes with a 3-year LCD monitor warranty, 3-year panel warranty and complimentary ASUS Rapid Replacement as part of the customer service program.

If you would want to have a LED monitor, whether at home or at office, that is not only affordable but also delivers sharper, brighter and better visuals then ASUS VE248H might be just the one that will suit your preferences. I would have to agree with other users that this monitor is something you can consider worthwhile with its price and performance alike.

For a price tag of around $200, ASUS VE248H is truly acceptable in terms of picture clarity and crisp picture quality. For some, calibrating may be somewhat heavy but once it is all set up, it is all worth the bucks. Compared to other 24-inch monitor, ASUS VE248H may not be the best but it is not as well one of the worsts. It simply provides what it is designed to provide and that is pleasing visual experience.


Thus, to enjoy the best gaming experience one can go for buying the best portrait monitor that will help them with clearity in the game and better understanding. There are various models of these models available in the market in different price ranges. People buy them according to their need. 

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