Check out the Best Discord Servers for Minecraft in 2021

Since Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games globally, players naturally want a central location where they can socialise, discuss game strategy, exchange ideas, and so on. And what could be better than a Discord server where you can join an involved group, make friends, and play games together?

Discord has recently taken the gaming world by storm, becoming the chosen outlet for various digital cultures all over the world. Minecraft is no exception, with hundreds of Discord groups dedicated to the game available for fans to enter. Players can post their in-game creations, find other players to play with, make new friends, get game support, and much more on these Minecraft Discord servers. 

Best 5 Discord Servers:

  • Official Minecraft Discord

The official Minecraft Discord server has over 700,000 active users, making it one of the most popular Discord servers on the internet. One would wonder why, given that it is the official Minecraft Discord server, it isn’t much higher on the chart.

  • Cosmic MC

At its heart, Cosmic Craft is a Minecraft hub server with a variety of classic Minecraft multiplayer game modes. This Discord server has been fine-tuned throughout its nearly 8-year life.

  • Skyblock Simplified

Fans of the massively popular Hypixel Skyblock game mode should check out the Skyblock Simplified Discord server, a dedicated community dedicated to anything Hypixel Skyblock.

  • Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a classic Minecraft server that has been around for over seven years. This Discord server has established a great group of long-time players throughout this long era.

  • Mystic

Mystic is a great place to go if you want to socialise with other Minecrafters. The server is primarily for general Minecraft single player, Minecraft server, and basic Minecraft mechanics chat.


The Vent is a Minecraft Discord server that isn’t very common. It is one of the newer servers that has received positive feedback and could be the ideal destination for many Minecraft fans. You can build your community on the server and set a variety of rules that will control it. There will be no bots or staff members to moderate your party, which is a function that no other server on this list provides.

You can also use the server’s many resources, communicate with other community members, and play games together. Having said that, while the environment here is generally non-toxic, you can encounter some retaliation if you enter those lobbies. Overall, The Vent is becoming increasingly popular, and you should enter this Minecraft Discord server.


Hence, these discord servers are great to use and alts Minecraft. These are all non-toxic servers, and therefore, there will not be any glitches in the functioning. Players will also take part in various almost regular giveaways, ranging from Hypixel ranks to Discord nitro subscriptions, on these Discord servers. On these servers, players can also enjoy famous bots like premium Dank-Member, Poke-Cord, and more.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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