Finding One for Your Pampered Dog

You pamper your dog as if it is your baby. You feed your dog with good quality food, learn are peanuts ok for dogs to eat as you prepare their food, and doll her up in the most adorable costume on a Halloween night. Contrary to the kids next door, she has never worn a coat out in the streets. So how do you expect a dog which has been too used to pampering, would be contented by sleeping on a normal old dog bed? Paris Hilton has indeed set a trend by dressing up her little pup with all sorts of attractive dog accessories. In a way, she has helped to raise the status of a family pet to that of an essential fashion accessory or best pal.

All of a sudden, pet owners are sent into a frenzy, trying desperately to outshine one another by getting the best fancy dog beds for their beloved dogs. But which type of fancy dog bed is suitable for your dog? Since you are the next closest buddy to your pet, you should be the only person who knows your dog’s preference inside out. However, we have listed some interesting ideas for your reference so as to get you going in your search for the right fancy dog bed.

Fancy Dog Bed 1: The Canopy Bed

The use of canopies over beds exudes a sense of elegance. They remind you of royalty or the consummation of a forbidden desire under a starry night. A lot of breakfast over bed packages offered by hotels has canopy beds to make their guests feel totally relaxed and comfortable. So who else really deserves a pampering more than your dog? You can check out this website at for a good selection of canopy dog beds. At Glamour Dog, Windsor canopy beds in various colors are being offered and their prices are from $275 onwards. Fancy Dog Bed 2: The Wood Bed

A canopy dog bed can be a bit over-the-top or unacceptable for your down to earth dog’s approval. Though your dog is not a romanticist, it does not mean he or she deserves to sleep on a dirty pile of clothes and not in a comfortable dog bed. So if you think a canopy dog bed is a no-no, then you might want to get a normally simple-looking wooden dog bed. You can browse through the website at where it has a vast selection of dog beds ranging from a “butter-soft” pink or lavender colored Punkies bed to an Emma Wood bed of natural wood finish with a soft chequered cushion.

If you want a bed that can exude a sense of elegance, maybe you can consider the option of having a mahogany-colored sleigh bed topped with cushions of either leopard or cheetah prints. These beds can have a starting price from as high as $350 onwards or even $400, of which their prices are normally determined by the size of the bed and the types of cushions you want. Fancy Dog Bed 3: The Dog House

If you do not think a canopy dog bed or a wooden dog bed is suitable, then maybe you can have a homemade sleeping house for your beloved pup. In contrast to a traditional dog house, a soft and cushiony dog house provides a sense of pampering to your dog. At, you can find attractive and comfortable dog houses or sleeping cushions in shades of pink and blue. The exteriors of this type of dog house are made of a spongy material while the flooring is just a piece of the soft and lasting mat that can be easily removed for washing.

So, you have been provided with a lot of inside stories on fancy dog beds. But that does not mean you have every right now to put your beloved dog to sleep on some kind of old rags if that is what you have been treating your best pal all the while. Do not be lazy; be excited and make your dog feel the proudest house pet among its neighbors with just a simple click on the mouse and let your fingers do all the search for the best dog bed.

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