Four Things That Makes Rainbow Six Siege One Of The Best FPS Games

When one thinks there can be no more FPS games in the market, there comes another. Rainbow six is a series that is running for years, and many people had started forgetting the same. But, when rainbow six: siege chapter was launched, suddenly, many gaming enthusiasts were happy about it. In the last few years, FPS games were very killing oriented, which requires good weapons. But, the siege is all about planning and strategizing with the team. Teams consisting of 5 players, each as attackers or defenders, go against each other in various game modes. This is a true-blue competitive multiplayer FPS game available on PC, Xbox 4, PS 4. Many things make this game different and better from other FPS in the market.

Alive or dead

Well, when one is alive, there are a lot more things that one can do, but if one dies in the game, it is not their end, though. They can still help their players by keeping an eye on the opponents, marking them opponents, and surveillance. The players will not just have to pick their guns and go all guns blazing in the game. Instead, they will have to strategize the gameplay, using the preparatory 1 minute before battles effectively. One should use their drones effectively and also learn more about the maps. This will help in placing traps to kill the opponents using r6 hacks.

Not about shooting

This game does not give a lot of importance to the gun shooting phase. Yes, one should have good aim and should know how to make good headshots. But that is not it. One should also have a keener eye to look for enemies on the map and recognize their weaknesses. In this game, a player should focus on gathering information about gadgets and maps. They should also strategize their attacks not to lose their teammates and a lot of weapons in the run.

Psychological game strategy

Now, most of the FPS is all about choosing the best gun and shooting ones way through the enemies. But, rainbow six sieges is not about pulling triggers only. There are many psychological factors and features that make this game a fun one to play. One can psychologically try to make the opponent weaker using drones and find loopholes in their game. The buildings and alleys allow the players to hide, set traps, and use murder holes to shoot, which can imbue fear in both teams minds.

Diverse warriors

One of the best things about rainbow six sieges is that the game has a diverse set of operators to choose from. To create the counter-terrorism unit, there are a total of 36 operators to choose from. Also, there are 12 female operators; therefore, one can make an all-female team as well.

The operators are from various countries and have different abilities and skills to portray. This helps the players make their team more diverse and more skilled who can use different weapons and have different abilities.

Rainbow six siege is one of the best games that allows the player to shoot and destroy and let them use their strategizing skills. In this game, the player can use both weaponized and psychological warfare to their best.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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