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Harry Potter Week- Quiz for Enhancing Your Magical Knowledge

This article is going to be an interesting one for people that grew up in an era when movies, video games and comic books reigned supreme, which is the mid to late 90s when you did not have mobile phones or high speed internet and Wi-Fi was something that was unimaginable.

This was the time when youngsters had started to tap the rebellious streak inside them and set out to create their own identity in life that was not confined to the mercy of textbook education and high scores that would ultimately decide their future because they slowly started to carve out their path through reading.

The credit goes to world renowned author Joanne Katherine Rowling, known to the entire world as J.K Rowling, for arousing the interest in youngsters to read books and improve their communication skills and now, many people belonging to that generation would know the source of this article.

Points of Note

Harry Potter is a word that resonates with every late 80s, 90s and 2000s generation kid because people belonging to the former two grew up reading the novels while the latter grew up in the period when its film adaptations where making and breaking box office records every year.

They overtook the collection of all the big budget Hollywood ventures released during those years and today have acquired an iconic status in history but the main credit is that it made young kids to take up the novels one by one and read them from start to finish, which led them to do the same with their school books.

Online quizzes have become quite popular these days where you have many interesting topics to choose from but a Harry Potter quiz is something that everyone can take up without the fear of getting the answers wrong for it is so popular even today despite it being nearly a decade since the last movie released and a full 13 years since the penultimate book was published.

While playing Harry Potter, you are immediately transported to the magical world of Hogwarts School where you have a magic wand that works wonders by simply muttering a few spells but just like in the real world, you have to battle the demons through your own willpower.


The spells and tricks used to solve puzzles have to be done in a systematic manner where you get to understand what are the important matches that have to be covered but which require a great deal of patience for analyzing everything from start to finish.

Try for 3 piece matches that involve chocolate frogs and every flavor beans from Bertie Bots because these are significant matches that will help you increase the spell meter in your wand that can be used to do powerful magic to fight the enemy.

The puzzle pieces have to be kept in close proximity of each other so that the matches can be played through charmed bags that the professors use during class while the power ups can be used only as a last resort when you have failed to solve a difficult puzzle.

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