How to Buy a Ukulele

The ukulele makes a great starter for both adults and children who are interested in picking up a musical instrument. There are only four strings to work with, compared to the six on a guitar. The instrument itself is also smaller and easier to handle for young children. The strings of a ukulele are nylon instead of steel, making them softer on the fingertips. Here are a few things to look for when buying a new or used ukulele from gudanglagu.

Buying a ukulele: Which type?

The soprano ukulele is the type of instrument most people think of, with the high-pitched Hawaiian melody. It is not the best choice of starter instrument if you eventually intend to switch to the guitar because the tuning is different. Songs written for a baritone ukulele can be transferred to the guitar without requiring transposition. This also makes it possible for baritone ukulele musicians to play along with their guitar-playing friends without having to retune their instruments.

Buying a ukulele: Test it out in the store

You may be able to find a good deal on a ukulele by shopping online or checking auction sites like eBay. However, you should always visit a local music store to physically inspect the same model before making any purchases. You want to be sure that the ukulele you choose is the right size and will be comfortable to play, along with producing a clear-sounding tone. To test the playability, press the strings down against the fretboard. The lower the strings are to the fretboard, the easier the instrument will be to play. The tradeoff is that the strings may buzz against the frets if they are adjusted too low.

Buying a ukulele: Check the tuning

Play a few chords to see if the tuning sounds right. Most instruments will sound decent if only open strings are strummed. Unless you are checking each note with a tuner, you may not notice slight discrepancies. Playing an entire chord makes it very obvious when one note is out of line. Ask the store owner to demonstrate the instrument if you are just starting out and do not yet know any chords.

Buying a ukulele: Tone and resonance

The tone and resonance of the ukulele are a matter of personal preference more than anything. The type of material used to build the instrument will greatly influence the sound it produces. A solid front ukulele will give a fuller sound than a less expensive plywood-bodied instrument. The strings used can also affect the ukulele’s tone, so you may want to test it out with different sets of strings if you cannot quite achieve the sound you are looking for.

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