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How To Turn a Few Extra Dollars During The Spring Months

With spring comes many additional opportunities to earn money. Since the economy has not made a recovery for many families additional money earning activities are a must. There are many things that families can pull together and do in order to build up their finances. If you do not have an emergency fund this would really be a good time to work on building it up. Even if you can not go on vacation this year, you can take the spring and summer months to save up for the next year. Below are some suggestions on how you can go about earning that extra money, when the weather is warmer.

A little bit of landscaping

Who says that you have to have a large landscaping company to earn a few dollars? Many families can not afford the high prices that many landscaping companies are now charging. If you have a green thumb perhaps you can offer a little bit more than just cutting grass. How about offering to plant a garden for some of your neighbors. It is a good idea to visit your local gardening store first and make up a price list. Include some of the popular plants for gardens in the area and any additional tools you will need to plant a garden. You will want to have all of this paperwork together, before you approach your neighbors about it. Make sure that your own garden looks great, before you approach others. If they see how good your garden looks they may be willing to pay you a fee to have you do the same for their yard. You can even make this a family project that you can do on weekends. Just make sure that you write up a contract, the defines everything, and have them sign it before you get started.

You may also want to try currency exchange market. There are several testimonials claiming that there were able to do conversion dollar euro and grow their money through investing in the currency exchange market or foreign exchange market. Hence, this is also another way on how to earn money during spring.

Dog Walking

Of course you can really earn great money dog walking during the winter, but you can also earn well in the spring. More and more families are forced to spend lots of additional time at work, and do not have the time, or energy to walk their dogs. You can offer to walk their dogs for them everyday at a certain time. This way they can enjoy their pet without the burst of energy. Before approaching anyone about walking their dog, write up a contract. Be sure to include your fee in the contract, and have them sign it before they even start work.

Pet sitting

For pet sitting you really have to like a variety of animals. During spring time many of the schools go on spring break. This means that families go away and the pets are usually placed in some type of boarding facility. It would make things a lot easier on families if they knew their pet was being cared for by someone who loves animals, as much as they do. Be sure that they bring their own food or make sure you include the cost of food in the bill. Get a phone number to contact them at in case of emergency. You should also have them write down, any health problems that their pet has had in the past, and the name and number of their vet. Also make sure that you put down the date they will be returning to pick up their pet. They should get a copy and you should keep a copy for yourself.

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