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Idlewild Starring Andre’ Bejamin And Antwan Patton

Thanks to Philadelphia’s #1 radio station, Power 99.8 FM, I was invited to the movie premier of IdleWild on Wednesday August 22. Due to the stars, Outkasts’, exceptional record sales and originality, I went into the premier with a split idea of how the movie would be. I had the idea that the movie was going to be a treat to see then again I thought that with so many Hollywood superstars they’d over shadow each other take away from the film and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

IdleWild, studded with an all-star cast which includes the members of the multi-platinum rap duo Outkasts Andre’ Benjamin  amp; Antwan A. Patton, the versatile Terrance Howard (Hustle  amp; Flow, Crash), Faizon Love (Friday), the legendary Ben Veren, Grammy award winning songbird Pattie LaBelle, singer Macy Gray (Training Day  amp; Chicago) Ving Rhames (Baby Boy, Undisputed) comedian Bruce Bruce (Triple X: State of the Union) along with Cicely Tyson and Malinda Williams takes place in the swing dancing era of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Most of the movie takes place in a club owned by Spaz (Faizon Love) in which Percy (Andre’) is a single quiet piano player at night and a mortician by day while Rooster (Antwan) is the married headlined performer and quite the ladies man. As expected the movie opened up with a foot tapping song and choreographed swoop dancing by club patrons.

Macy Gray delivered a comedic performance as the jealous showgirl; Terrance Howard played the perfect villain that kept the climax throughout the film. What made the movie so good was that the big stars, Pattie LaBelle, Ving Rhames, Ben Vereen, and Cicely Tyson played small yet significant roles while the freshman to the big screen showcased their acting ability.

The movie takes place in IdleWild Georgia in the early 1930’s where Percy is unhappy with his day job and very unhappy at the nightclub where he is constantly put in the spotlight to play the piano. That is until the beautiful Angel (Malinda Williams) struts her stuff into the nightclub and asks him to help her with a song on her opening night.

Being the nice guy that he is, Percy wrote a song that the club goers loved instantly which catapulted Angel as the club’s top performer. All the while, Rooster inherited the club and the owner’s debt after the owner was gun down by mobster turned extortionist (Terrance Howard) If that isn’t problem enough, Rooster’s cheating ways is putting his marriage and family in jeopardy.

For moviegoers that are looking for something out of the norm of things blowing up or people being chopped up and mutilated, IdleWild delivers just that. It’s just the type of film to expect from the members of Outkast. The film reflects just how creative and original these two artist are and they’ve proven their talents reach far beyond music. Andre’ and Antwan both play roles similar to their personalities especially Andre’ who also co-stared in 2005’s 4 Brothers, where he played a soft-spoken rational family man. You can amazingly play these movies through kodi. It is a reliable media player that you can download. How to download kodi on firestick? Click here.

Unlike the films released this past summer, IdleWild is not easily predictable. From start to middle to finish IdleWild takes you on a musical journey, an emotional journey and a personal journey all the while incorporating comedic relief from the entire cast. Even the directing was outstanding especially the rainstorm scene between Percy  amp; Angel, which I will leave for you to see. Great music, exceptional dancing, money, women and a heart stopping ending will have you dancing in your seats, laughing, eye-wide from excitement and holding your breath at the end. When you go to see IdleWild, stay after the movie for an entertaining performance by Andre’ Benjamin.

If I had four hands IdleWild will get four thumps up, instead I’ll settle for my two thumps and the thumps of my girlfriend who accompanied me to the premier. If you want something fresh, something new and something different go see IdleWild and enjoy the creative and pure display of talent, the real, raw and fresh talent that a lot of movies are lacking these days. IdleWild is not one of those movies Hollywood through together to make a quick buck.

IdleWild was long thought of, brilliantly written and the cast was carefully chosen to create a movie that everyone needs to see. Go see IdleWild, if you like the music of Outkast, do pick up the IdleWild soundtrack and look for Outkasts’ new album being released soon.

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