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Lower Back Pain The Lowdown On The Triggers – What to know!!

Lower back pain can be attributed to numerous causes. For example, frequent injuries sustained at the work place, bad posture and incorrect lifting methods are just some of the most prevalent causes. Additional causes could be found in disease and illness.

Some instances of lower back pain can be attributed to an undiagnosed infection of the kidneys. Left untreated, an infection in the kidney can lead to renal failure- a condition where the kidney is no longer able to function. If this happens, the person will need to receive dialysis for the remainder of their lives or until a suitable kidney can be found for transplant. Lower back pain paired with a fever should always be checked out by a physician to rule out the possibility of a kidney infection.

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Another cause of lower back pain is when the patient has a pinched nerve. Nerve pain and muscle pain feel very different from each other, so it is important to be able to identify your pain in as much detail as possible to your doctor. A sharp, stabbing or even shooting pain is typically associated with nerve pain.

An aching, throbbing or feeling of tearing is associated directly with muscle pain. If you can identify the type of pain that you are experiencing, it will help your doctor to be able to diagnose your lower back pain much easier.

It is also important to know that if you experience a pinched nerve for too long it can become permanently damaged, so it is important to seek medical help right away if you suspect that your nerve is pinched. Muscle related injuries are the most obvious and commonly seen causes for lower back pain.

Sprained and strained muscles are the most frequent. Participating in sports, lifting improperly, exercise, and any other movement that requires you to use the muscles of your back can end up causing injury that results in back pain. Avoiding back injury requires that you remain aware of what you are doing and how you are moving as you go through your daily routine.

Most lower back pain can be easily treated with rest, therapy, exercise and over the counter or prescription medication regardless of the cause. Of course, the best treatment for lower back pain remains preventing if from occurring in the first place, but if that is not possible, see your doctor as soon as you can.

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