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Misleading Top Healthy Foods For Fat Loss

Low-Fat Foods

The reduction of fat can do more harm than good. Fat is one of the factors in feeling satisfied after a meal. When you strip away the fat, you will likely eat more. Replacing fat with carbohydrates is a bad move for those seeking to burn fat. Insulin sensitivity goes up and you eat more than you need to. Plus, whenever your insulin levels increase, your body will want to store incoming calories as fat. Instead of low-fat choices, opt for foods that have quality fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Believe it or not, some fats are required to burn fat. Here a list of the best alternatives that you can try provided by


  • While small amounts of soy are healthy. Large amounts of soy can be a huge disadvantage when it comes to fat loss and general health.
  • Here are some side effects of the overconsumption of soy…
  • The level of manganese can be toxic to infants
  • Can disrupt thyroid function
  • Contains phytates which prevent the absorption of some healthy nutrients
  • Can affect estrogen (in large quantities).
  • Diet Soda

Diet soda contains a lot of harmful ingredients that are anything but ideal for fat loss. One of the biggest and most recognized is the artificial sweeteners. The caramel coloring found is sodas are loaded with AGEs (advanced glycosylated end products). AGEs does exactly what it says, it ages you.

Another harmful substance found in diet soda is potassium benzoate. This substance can be broken down into benzene (a carcinogen).

Added to the list is aspartame. This substance can be found in most diet sodas. There have been many studies done about aspartame and the bad effects it has on the body.

Organic Sweets

Just because something is organic, doesn’t always mean it will help you burn fat. Too many people give high regard to product names which read ”natural” or ”organic”. Nowadays, there are organic cookies, all-natural juices, and ice cream that are loaded with sugar and will sabotage your fat loss goals. One simple rule to know for sure if it is all-natural and organic is if the list of ingredients is one. For example, the ingredient for carrots is carrots.


Most bagels are made of refining carbohydrates just like white bread. Refine carbohydrates cause an increase in blood sugar, which cause your body to store fat due to an inflammation producing hormone called insulin. If you want to keep steady energy levels all through the day and keep your waistline thin, you should swap those bagels for fruits and vegetables.

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