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Pasir Ris- Singaporean Condo

The holiday season is about to come to an end in a few days but literally everyday has been a holiday since the past year since the corona virus pandemic broke out forcing everyone to stay at home for safety.

The world is a much difficult place to live in if you look at it from an average common man’s standpoint because he cannot afford all the means to enjoy a luxurious, carefree life without worries and the current times are so bad that getting basic necessities in itself is a herculean achievement.

It is important to have at least a roof on top of your head in order to make ends meet, which can be only achieved either through a well paid job or a flourishing business but those that get a condo consider themselves to be truly fortunate, which brings us to the topic of this article.

Resident Area

When it comes to condos, most people would know about the ones in US, UK, Canada and numerous parts of the western world but Singapore is a place that doesn’t come to mind when you talk about condo.

Pasir Ris is a residential town in the eastern part of Singapore that is developmental project that hopes to make it big in the coming years although it is quite popular among Singaporeans that vouch for its Porsche locality replete with basic amenities and transport services for its residents.

Pasir Ris 8 is an upcoming residential project that is going to be the most advanced of all the areas in that locality because it is going to have massive buildings with five star hotels in the vicinity to go along with the renowned Plaza Hotel not far from the area that is a favorite hotspot for westerners that choose it for a holiday destination.

Although business has taken a nosedive due to Covid-19, its popularity remains intact among old aficionados that are eagerly waiting for the pandemic to subside so that they can arrange plans to pay a visit to the place for a few days.

Childcare clinic, hospital, old age home, retail stores, sprawling shopping malls, botanical gardens are few of the places that you can go for sightseeing with the latter being a good excursion for botany students where they can learn about new variety of plants and flowers.

Convenience Matter

Bus interchange is a necessary addition for people that are used to public transport because Pasir Ris 8 is going to be a game changer for the builders and engineers association that hope to not only rake in big bucks but also provide convenience to the residents with international level facilities.

Change Airport is also going to see a makeover in the coming times as Singapore too hopes for a developmental transformation to cater to the needs of the modern era of the 21st century of which Pasir Ris 8 project is a major part as the proverbial Porsche society of the Easter region of Singapore.

So the next time when you plan a holiday destination, do try out Singapore for a change.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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