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Raw food kitchen appliances vary from rawist to rawist, however there are some absolutes that will keep any raw food enthusiast in the loop when eating raw at the drop of a hat. I’ve seen some rawist friends of mine get by with just a food processor, while others keep a wide array of kitchen appliances and gadgets for raw food eating that can become quite involved and intricate. It likely depends on how serious of a rawist you are, but here are some of the kitchen appliances I find necessary as what I consider, probably a moderate to heavy raw food eater.

Food Processor

These are common in kitchens anyway, but this was the first purchase I made as a newbie to raw foods eating. You need not have top of the line when it comes to a processor, but you inevitably will need one as a rawist. So much of the food preparation with raw food involves this machine, so you really can’t get too far in raw foods without one. Whether your making sauces or more of a dessert like raw apple pie, which requires well chopped dates as the staple, you’ll need to have one of these from the beginning of your raw food career.


A regular blender won’t do. If you can afford to, try to purchase a high powered Vitamix. It pulverizes food like no other blender can. You can get your raw foods liquified so finely by this machine that you forget it’s not an actual raw food juice. Not to mention the fact that the pulp that is a normal accompaniment of raw juice almost seems non-existent, and coming from a blender, that’s quite an accomplishment. If smoothies are your raw food favorites, you’ll find that this high powered blender can make them as smooth as silk in seconds


This was my second kitchen appliance as a rawist. I became an avid daily juicer mostly to help me with my gall bladder condition, but after that condition passed I found that having that juicer ready to go everyday, became a valued part of my routine. As a result, my health thrived from juicing and I use it as medicine as well as entertainment by combining certain flavors together that compliment each other to create a pleasant raw beverage. Summer provides great fruit flavor combinations for great juices over ice. Winston Salem NC office and stores offer some great juicer. You can actually get some of the best models there. The models vary from different features, design and the price. Hence, you will never run out of choices. You just have to choose carefully so you can get the best deal.


As an owner of one of these, I find that I have a lot of versatility in my raw food experience. I not only can make healthy dried snacks, I can put together some great vegetable combinations to create a great stock for soups or the base for dips. I probably use it more in the winter for the soup creations I can put together, but it gets used in the warmer seasons as well. You can count on it to fill your home with some pleasant aromas that can be therapeutic as well.

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