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Rise Of Kingdom: Top 9 Tips And Strategies

Rise of Kingdom is a really popular game these days. You get a really great and intense game that you will surely enjoy. Since there are tons of elements in this game it is really important that you know all about the tips and strategies that you should follow in the game in order to move forward.

This article is your Rise of kingdoms guide that will provide you all the relevant information about this game. You will learn about the best tips that you can follow in this game in order to improve your game over time.

  1. The importance of Daily missions
    It is really important that you pay attention to all the daily missions in this game. Completing these daily missions is how you gather resources really quickly and raise your level in the game. These daily missions are often really easy and quick making them a really good way through which you can gather material in the game.

    Moreover, these daily missions are there for a limited time only, so make sure that you complete them on time and earn rewards without that much of an effort.

  2. Paying attention to the main quests of the game
    Besides these daily quests, you also have the main quests in the game that are often time consuming and requires more effort from your side. You should make sure that you complete these main quests on time so that you can get more points and milestones in the game allowing you to level up and move up on the leaderboards.

    Additionally, with the completion of these quests, you get to level up your king and your troops which will ultimately help you in improving the overall stats of your game and the power of your virtual kingdom.

    However, as you upgrade your town hall in the game make sure that all your stats are decent otherwise you are going to lose your battle eventually. This is why you should try to collect items that will give you a boost in terms of cavalry and resource.

  3. Training your troops for your army
    As you play the game you will realize that there is no maximum limit to the number of troops that you have in this game. This is why you should always try to train your troops for your army.

    This will allow you to attack enemy civilizations relentlessly and protect your kingdom and resource from enemy attacks more effectively.

  4. Importance of Research
    Research is a vital aspect of this game that will allow you to improve and level up your troops. Besides that, you get different boosts and resources for your game. It is recommended that you max out the military tech so that you can move forward in the game more efficiently.
  5. Active alliances
    Being a part of an active alliance that is active with you significantly help you with your game. You can get help from your alliance members with your research and production. Having an alliance with active members will give you an edge over other players that are not a part of any active alliance.
  6. Leveling up HQ
    This is quite obvious but as you play the game make sure that you max out all the buildings including defense, research, and resource. As soon as you are done with that you can upgrade your HQ. If you rush into this you might have to face other players that have much higher stats than your making it really difficult for you to win the battle.
  7. Plan your attack
    As you are ready to attack make sure that you destroy all the barbarian and resource spots at the beginning of your attack. This is the best way with which you can minimize the damage that you sustain while attacking. Moreover, you can use these barbarians for your defense as well since you get a really sturdy troop.
  8. Develop your Commander wisely
    There are many options when it comes to choosing a commander for your game. You should choose your commander wisely in the game and try to upgrade the commander that is perfect and compatible with your gaming style.
  9. Exploration of Scouts

You should keep your scouts at patrol so that they can gather resources for you all the time. This will help you with the upgrade of your buildings and with the exploration of main quests as well. Moreover, you can also discover mysterious caves this way that will fetch you extra rewards in the game.

These are the best tips that you can try as you start your Rise of Kingdoms adventure.

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