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The Best Pens For Vaping Hash – Know about them!!

Hash oil has been getting more and more popular over the past few years and people have been asking “What is the best pen for vaporizing hash oil?“, well the good news is that there is more than one pen that is capable of effectively vaping hash.

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The White Rhino Sleek is a great vaporizer for hash oil, and for an extra $15 you can upgrade to the version 2 that will allow you to vape herbs as well. It comes in Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Silver and Black. If you are a baller and want it coated in 18 Karat gold they can do that too but it will cost $65 more. The White Rhino sleek has one of the fastest heat times of any vaporizer pen and plenty discreet.

The VaporX XPS Xpress is another quality pen that will vape your hash oil to perfection but make sure it is on the runny side. This vaporizer pen can have problems with thicker and gunkier oils, you can always preheat the oil to thin it out before you load the pen. You will get the standard 510 pen threading which means that is easy to replace the battery and switch out replacement parts.

The Sticky Pen vaporizer is a great option for people that are on a budget. It is also a good vaporizer for people that are new to vaping because it is so easy to use and only has one button. It is skinnier than most other pen vaporizers and heats up in a jiffy. This pen is only meant for use with wax so make sure not to load any herbs, if you do load herbs in it you run the risk of breaking the pen vaporizer.

Probably my favorite hash oil vaporizer pen on the list is the Atmos A-Pen weed vaporizer. This vaporizer pen is powered by a 110 volt rechargeable battery that is more than capable of vaporizing your oils and waxes. As with many other pen vaporizers you are going to want to make sure that you regularly clean the pen and keep free of clogging up and over-heating. This is one of the plainer looking pens and I mean that in a good way, you could easily walk around with this pen vaporizer in your pocket and no one would notice.

Last on the list for today is the Omicron Lite vaporizer, one of the smallest and most powerful pen vaporizers money can buy. It was made by Delta 9 so you know it is going to be good and it allows you to use either 1.5 Ohm or 2.4 Ohm cartridges. I really like the looks of this pen as well, if you want a pen vape with class than look no further. It costs $74.99 and in my opinion is worth every cent.

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