Wedding Hanbok- A Traditional Korean Dress!!!

Korean traditions are one of the intimidating traditions that make any occasion truly amazing. Korean weddings are no different than other places as they dress up in their hanbok, which is the traditional dress of Koreans. 

However, over the years, preferences have changed, and modern wedding hanbok is considered over traditional hanbok that is designed exceptionally. Hanbok is a decorative and precisely designed wedding attire; there is a lot that you aren’t known to. Let us here discuss what Korean traditional wedding dress is. 

Korean wedding dress!

Hanbok has been used for ages in Korean history as the three kingdoms period. Joseon period in Korea from 1392-1910 has a very similar style of hanbok nowadays. Hanbok is extremely beautiful and intimidating for one to dress up within it. Traditional Koran wedding dress is all about elegance and grace, unlike fitted garments to show off your curves. The big cloth is draped around them when women seemingly float across the floor. 

Elegance is guaranteed within this traditional hanbok. People around the world are fascinated with traditional wear that they rent it in Seoul to dress up in it and experience the elegance. Hanbok is popularized over again, and its vibrant colors and patterns complement the elegant look. 

Traditional wedding hanbok

When specifically talking about the Korean wedding hanbok, it has layers galore. You have to wear a couple of layers while dressing up in traditional hanbok, where the first is sokchimea, a corset-like layer with a skirt paired together. The second layer is chima, which is known as a hanbok skirt. The third layer is added to the jeogori or hanbok jacket and the fourth layer. 

This might seem too much, but such is tradition, and you cannot question the tradition. Upperclass women or queens do consider to add another layer of wonsam or hwalot during the Joseon dynasty. Wonsam is aesthetic because it is vibrant and elaborated with red silk on the outside and blue silk on inside with flower embroidered in the material. Flowers represent wealth, longevity, and nobleness. 

Different colors of wonsams are used as red for queens whereas green for princesses. Nowadays, you can pick for whichever you look. Wonsam was added wrapped with a blue ribbon that holds hold the upper body together. 

Layers are concerned with this only in hanbok and some socks or beoseon that is added to footwear fit. You can try for makeup, finished being applied, and before getting started with the dressing up. You can put with the braided style and pin it in as well, and different makeup can be chosen to compliment your skin and dress appropriately. Different headpieces are added as well that compliments your overall look exceptionally. 


Headpieces mainly include a cap that was used by Mongolian women as an accessory showing grace and royalty. When you see different hanbok for wearing it to your wedding or just enjoying the vibe. You can look for many choices that can easily complement your overall look and make your wedding day even more special.

The final judgment 

In the end, we can conclude that the Korean wedding traditional dress is hanbok that looks aesthetic. Besides, hanbok has several layers that are surely complementary to wear to a ceremony where you feel nothing less than a Korean queen. You have to keep calm while getting ready in Koran attire as it has multiple layers that feel okay in the first half, but during the ceremony, it might start feeling heavy. According to Korean traditions and customs, those willing to be experimental or want to marry their loved ones would cherish the look.

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