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What Is Painting By Numbers?

In this quarantine period, it seems that we can’t anything. Almost everything is closed. We can’t go out to see a movie, dine in in a restaurant, go shopping at mall and others. Since we’re stuck at home, the things that we can only do are those indoor activities only. Most them include physical workout, reading books, Netflix binge watching, learning how to cook and among others. But if you are tired of these activities, there is something else that you may want to consider. This activity is perfect if you’re fond of creating arts such as drawing and painting. This activity is the hype today and it is no other than paint by numbers.

So what is painting by numbers? Basically, it is a system that allows you to paint a picture, which is divided into different shapers. Each shape is marked with a particular number that refers to a particular color. All you have to do is to paint in each of the shape until you finish an entire picture painting. This activity is helpful for those who are just starting their painting hobby. With the guidelines it provides to users, it is way easier and simpler compared to other painting activities.

Now what comes with painting by numbers kit? If you order this item, it will come with a brush, little pots of paint with wide variety of colors you’ll need to paint the subject matter, and a printed outline of the picture. You have to make sure the type of oil paint you have. But commonly, it is oil paint and acrylic. But according to experts, acrylic paint is way advisable to use for beginners. This is because the paint of acrylic usually dries quickly. Make sure that the package is complete before beginning your work.

Consequently, it is also important to know the proper way of painting by the numbers. Recommended, it is better to paint one color at a tome. You should start from the largest areas to the smallest ones. You should also work from the top of the picture to the areas below. This will help you to prevent disturbing wet paint.

You will also be successful on it if you have an excellent brush control. You should know where to paint exactly and where you should go. Focus is on essential key in achieving a great painting.

In addition, you must use the right type of brush for the right space or area. Use the small brush in painting on small areas and shapes and use the big brush in painting big areas. It is also advisable to start with either the darkest color and end with the lightest colors. This will help you to use the best out of your brushes.

Generally, painting by numbers is indeed an amazing activity. This will unleash your creativity and artistic skills. Not only you can spend some quality time on your artwork, but you can also have a great output that you can display in your room.

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