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5 Reasons Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

The new vaping technologies are getting popular. With popularity, there are a lot of contradictory opinions about Vaping. But most people have positive opinions about vaping. A lot of smokers are shifting to vapes, and they might be right. Vapes have a lot of benefits over smoking, and the pros are very clear. 

Here’s why vaping might be a lot better engagement than smoking cigarettes:

It is safer than smoking:

Vaping is far less addictive and safer than smoking cigarettes. There have been extensive researches that have proven that vapes are 95% safer than smoking. It keeps better oral hygiene, lung capacity, skin health, and blood circulation than smoking. It also maintains a better sense of smell and taste. People who switched to vaping from smoking found themselves having fewer health issues than earlier.


Vapes are highly convenient on various levels. It has a high satisfaction rate, it costs less, and it is easily available. It is also portable and does not damage easily. Once you buy a Juul, it will last you for a long time, and you won’t have to change it because of any default for a long time. One can get accustomed to vapes easily, and it does not need any practice or prior experience. All these factors make it highly approachable and convenient to use. 

Helps you quit smoking:

A lot of smokers substituted smoking with vaping, and they found themselves on a healthier journey of quitting cigarettes. Vapes help you control your addiction. They give you the exact amount of satisfaction to not relapse to cigarettes, but it is also not addictive. So once you get rid of your cigarette addiction, you can quit vapes easily if you feel like it.


Vapes are highly customizable. You find a wider variety of blends in vapes than cigarettes. Smoking limits your flavours. With vapes, you can add any flavour that you prefer. You can also add dry herbs to get your preferred mix. You can find the best dry herb vaporizers and have a great herb vaping experience. You can also have accurate control over nicotine intake. You can lower or increase the percentages anytime, and get the mix that you want.

Less disturbing to peers:

Juuls don’t have a bad odor, or are unfavorable as a cigarette. People around you will not have to inhale any nauseous smells. You can even go a step ahead and get aromatic vapes. They not only don’t smell nauseous but also have an added aroma. You can choose the aroma for yourself while buying itself, and you will get a pleasant smelling Juul. It means even if you smoke tobacco flavor that will not be the smell emitted. You can smoke tobacco and smell like a flower.

These are just the highlighting benefits of vaping over smoking. Additional benefits like customization if you get the best dry herb vaporizer to add to the pros of vapes. Smoking has a lot of cons, and shifting to Juuls can be a big step towards getting over those problems.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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