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5 Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Tummy tuck is undoubtedly a big and critical surgery. Therefore you need to be prepared in order to accelerate your recovery. However, you need to know that recovery varies from person to person and depend on several factors including age, height, body weight, health conditions et cetera. It is quiet natural that you want your normal body back but you should also have the patience to give some time to your body heal. The recovery process will start once you leave the hospital. This intensive procedure transforms your midsection and creates a tight and toned look. Several pregnant women usually go through this process. Tummy Tuck provides results from unwanted skin. Here are the five tips for recovering after Tummy Tuck.

  1. Balanced diet and healthy culinary habit:

After a surgery your body needs healthy and nutritious food in order to heal. Protein rich foods like salmon, chicken should added to your diet and some healthy fat can also be consumed in order to heal skin quickly.

  1. Stay away from infections:

Risks are always there in a surgery. However, you can always avoid such risks by consulting your doctor before and after surgery in order not to expose yourself to germs and bacteria.

  1. Your body needs rest:

Your body needs rest after Tummy Tuck. You might not be able to drive for 10-14 days. You might also face a lot of emotional swings like depression, sadness. You might also have feelings of unattractiveness and might feel frustrated with the recovery process. Your first shower after the surgery would be difficult. You would need a person to help you in preparing meals, getting dressed, taking shower et cetera. Therefore, you will need a lot of help at your house for the first couple of weeks. You can expect pain in your torso tissue due to the tightening process. For all these reasons your doctor will restrict your activities to a very minimal movement. You should be very careful while walking or exercising which might include pressure in your abdomen. You should know that you have gone through a surgery and it takes time to heal.

  1. Drink water:

You need to stay hydrated before and after your surgery. This would help you in flushing out the toxins from your body and reduce the risk of any kind of complications. Therefore, you should maintain a routine of drinking water. You should stay hydrated throughout the whole day in order to prevent dehydration.

  1. Sleeping position should be changed:

If you sleep in an inclined position then it would help in reducing pressure on your abdomen. You can use large body pillows. It will help in reducing pressure from your midsection and support the body. It will also help in maintaining the right position while you are sleeping.

You should be prepared for a lot of swelling in the areas that have been treated during surgery. Therefore, it would be convenient if you go for girdle or binder in order to support your healing process. You can also use it while you are sleeping. You walking would also be limited but start this program for 20-30 minutes every day in order to maintain the circulation good and recover in a healthy way.

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