Five Tips On How To Create a Live Poll That Will Interest Your Audience

Focus on Your Main Purpose

One of the major mistakes that people do when making polls is that they tend to focus more on the granular details of the subject they are trying to present to the audience. But that should not be the case. Always keep in mind that your audience should be the number one priority as they are the main reason why you want to make a poll. It could be for customer satisfaction, more ideas from your audience and so many more. So make sure to make your audience feel welcome and involved when making a poll.

Simplicity is the key

Keep in mind that your audience don’t want complicated things. Hence, always make the poll as simple as possible. Audience participation is your goal when making poll so you should not scare them by presenting complicated designs. As what they say, less is more and it is also applicable to the poll you are creating. As a rule of thumb, if you feel like the options are not enough, always put the option ‘other’ at the end of the response.

Consider Your Audience

As mentioned, earlier, your audience is your top priority so always have them in your mind. Consider the interests of your audience. In relation to simplicity, try to use questions that are not relevant to the overall picture you are trying to present. Never ask questions for the sake of fun only. You need to be direct and straight forward. Make sure to include questions that have a potential and valuable insights to your audience. Your questions and the structure of how you present it should depend on the characteristics of the audience that you have as a whole.


Encouraging participation is another way on how you can create a good poll. One of the best ways to do this is by commenting on the incoming votes. You may also opt to put a time pressure on the audience to send their votes. In this way, you can get more participation from the audience. This could be a win win situation as you will be both exchanging insights and ideas. Furthermore, by creating tension and igniting the competitiveness of your audience, you should ask questions that are interesting for them. You can also increase the excitement by not showing the results right away. You may tell them to wait till the presentation is done before they can see the results. You may also get ideas from Reality Check Insights.

Comment on the Results

Last but not the least, at the end of the presentation, make sure to give comments on the results of the poll. You should give your insights and you may explain some cases or scenarios that would address the effects of the results. In this way, your audience will be enlightened and they can get the ideas and new learnings pertaining to the results of the poll.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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