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Five Ways to Prevent Wallet Theft While Shopping

It seems that no matter how much the authorities advise people to guard their belongings while shopping, supermarket customers are still frequently targeted in wallet/credit card theft. With the economy in turmoil, thieves—some of whom look like nothing you’d expect—are literally crawling out of the woodwork. Like you, they are searching for ways to make ends meet.  The slim minimalist wallet will fit in the pockets of the pants and reduces the chances of being stolen. It will keep the money and necessary documents of the person safe.

Unfortunately, they are attempting to do so by getting their hands on your hard-earned dollars. Though it may seem self-explanatory, there are ways to avoid becoming the unwitting victim of wallet thieves. Just take a few simple precautions…

#1 – Ditch the handbag altogether.

For the most part, you only need a few items when you visit the grocery store. That being said avoid carrying a purse altogether; put cash, shopping cards, credit cards and keys in your pocket(s) or somewhere else on your person. You’ll not only have more room to move around. But you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your belongings.

#2 – Don’t put your purse in the “Steal-Me” position of the shopping cart.

While this piece of advice may seem elementary, you would be amazed by the number of people who place their keys, wallets, and open purses in the child-seat section of the shopping cart. We automatically assume that by keeping these items immediately in front of us, that they will be relatively safe. However, it only takes a few seconds for your attention to be shifted away from the shopping cart. And in those few seconds, your wallet can be history. If you absolutely must carry a purse, place it inside the cart-as far back as it will go; layer/stack your groceries in front of the bag. In this position, it will be much more awkward for a criminal to steal it.

#3 – Designate a “Grocery Store Purse.”

I have what I like to call a “supermarket purse”: one that I wear for more extensive grocery store trips, to help me avoid setting it down carelessly. Your own supermarket bag choice should be relatively small, with a long strap so that you can wear it across your chest and close to the body. The concept should be the same as the “fanny pack”: a bag that holds only your essentials. This is yet another way to avoid having your belongings pocketed by sneaky thieves.

#4 – Keep to a strict shopping list.

Supermarket thieves are hoping that you won’t be paying much attention to them. They’re counting on you to direct your concentration to the tedious task of procuring your household provisions. That being said, if you’re merely wandering from aisle to aisle in your own little world, you might be identifying yourself as an easy target. Remain focused on your list, moving steadily from aisle to aisle. A steady and determined pace very often keeps potential criminals at bay.

#5 – Avoid Supermarket Crowds.

Depending upon the area you live in, there may be days (or times of day) when grocery stores are more crowded than ever. Some markets are literally packed on Sundays, when families are gearing up for the week. Others are crowded on Wednesday or Thursday nights, when household staples begin to run thin. And of course, the time of day will often dictate how many shoppers are in the store.

Shop during more “deserted” store hours, and you will discover more room in the aisles. The fewer people in the aisle, the more difficult it is for criminals to set up elaborate pick-pocketing maneuvers. Additionally, a benefit to shopping late at night (or early morning) is that there is often increased security both inside and outside of the store.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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