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Presto 08800 Pro Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener Review

The Presto 08800 Pro Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener is the best of all the sharpeners that I ever had. This gives the best result among the electrically powered sharpener and the knives are really sharp. To be honest, I still use conventional stones for final touches. Only that gives me the satisfaction and the desired results. No amount of technological sophistication can replace the sharpness that is delivered by grinding stones. But the effort that goes into while using a stone is the only reason that prompted me to go for an electrical device.

The Presto 08800 Pro Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener gives a fairly sharp-edged knife and not razor sharp as claimed by the makers. I would rate it as the best for household purposes. You can get this electrical knife sharpener online from along with that you will find tons of offers and tips that you can follow in order to keep the edge of your knife sharp for a longer time.

This facilitates you to cut and chop the stuff in the kitchen with professional accuracy. It is sickening to handle a blunt knife and I am sure that this sharpener will never disappoint you in that aspect. The thing does not make your knife sharp like that used by surgeons or the butchers used in the mutton stall. Anyway, you do not require such pointed knives in the kitchen. In a way, it is good because it is not advisable to have such piercing sharp knives in the kitchen.

The main highlight of this gizmo is that you get the work done instantly. Unlike the conventional stones, you do not have to sit and sweat mechanically grinding them. The Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener keeps the knife sharp for at least 4 weeks. This is fair enough. This makes me liberated because; I don’t have to keep waiting for my husband to return from the office to run the knife in a stone. There is no doubt that this makes life and cookery easy. I am glad that the knife is totally under my control and it does what exactly it is supposed to do. This does not squash or mush in place of slice and split.

The superior sapphire sharpening wheels are the ones that differentiate this model in terms of efficiency from their counterparts. Though the wheel vibrates, it is tolerable. This can sharpen a knife of any age. I tried our traditional knife that was passed on to me by my grandmother and was surprised by the results. At $29 it is a steal. This operates by a two-phase mechanism to ensure incredible sharpness. The sharpened knife is honed in the final stage. This filing and polishing make it brilliant. This is ergonomically designed such that the guides involuntarily facilitate you to position the knife at a precise angle. It can also be used for honing serrated knives.

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