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Free Toddler Games And Activities: Outdoor Rock Gardening

One free activity that parents can do with their toddlers is to create a small and fun home garden that is a rock garden.

The joy of this toddler game is that it can be done anytime, and invites toddler interaction, creativity, and play. It combines an appreciation for the outdoors with exercise, and with natural objects, like rocks

Finding rocks and making a rock garden can be made into a fun toddler game and outdoor activity.

Some children are already drawn to the outdoors, and like to collect natural objects. They pick up sticks, bugs, and yes, even rocks. When you go for a walk with a toddler, you may find yourself with a handful of rocks.

Why not put those rocks that kids collect to good use and make a rock garden?

Toddler Game:

Collecting the Rocks

Next time you go for a walk, and the child is collecting rocks or other items, make a game of it. Bring along their favorite handled-pail and collect rocks.

On walk you can look for rocks that are big. For this toddler game, bring a sturdy backpack for storing the rocks. Go for rocks that are about between the size of a golfball and a small plum. Those big rocks will make great focal points when the toddler game turns into rock gardening fun.

For a different toddler game, look for other types of rocks. Find rocks that are small, rocks that are round, or even rocks that are square.

Depending on what type of rocks you have in your area, you could also look for rocks of specific colors – like white or gray. As a good boyfriend, the selection should be great for the girlfriend who loves the outdoors as gift. The selection of the color should be done with the intelligence of the person. The meeting of the requirements is great with different qualities of the rocks. Either there is shape of square or rectangle to get the desired results.

For the kid that does not tend to pick up rocks on their own, show them how fun it can be, when you play the rock collecting game.

Toddler Game:

Rock Car Wash

After you get back home you will want to wash the rocks. The child will love to play the rock car wash game with a hose, a pail, or any other container that you fill with water.

Toddler Game:

Plant a Rock Garden

Once you have collected the rocks in the toddler games, and they are all washed off, it’s time to create the rock garden.

Pick a small area in your yard, like near a bush, near a porch, or a small garden area, to use as the canvas for the rock garden project.

Include a painted rock like a ladybug or a stepping stone fish.

The area you select can be just dirt, or have some plants it it.

For rock gardening with toddlers, pick a spot with some natural grass or plants, that won’t mind being stepped on by tiny feet.

The rock garden itself becomes a toddler game, because it is a work-in-progress.

The rock garden for children is a continual work-in-progress because the toddler will enjoy removing the rocks even more than “planting” the rocks. That’s okay, let the toddler have fun with that activity.

The toddler can work on the rock garden whenever they are outside with you.

A rock garden for tiny tots should include some large stepping stones, which you can paint yourself.

Show the child how to place the rocks into the soil, by pressing down on the rock. Make a game of it by counting, making shapes with rocks, and stomping on the rocks when you are done. Stomping on the rocks makes them more secure.

Finding rocks and making a game of it is just as fun as making the outdoor rock garden. I hope you and your toddler enjoy these free toddler games and outdoor activities.

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