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How To Save Up To 75% On Your Heating Bill This Winter

Many Americans are considering going back in time so to speak. They are looking into options that parents or grandparents thought were normal place, wood heat. Outside wood furnaces have gained acceptance in much of the US and demand has become quite strong in the last couple of years. With the home heating fuels and electricity costs going up 50% or even more. Propane is a major heating fuel in the midwestern part of the US. Costs are expected to be double what they were even last winter. With the fuel crisis we have now, and the world demand for oil being so strong. Fuel costs are going to have an alarming effect on the lower and middle class American.

Some outside wood furnaces have received a bad name in the last few years, mainly water boiler types. With some specific areas not allowing them to be used or to be used mainly only in the winter. The ability to heat water for domestic use is a great advantage these units have to many customers. But, the higher costs are very prohibitive to many folks.

Now this may or may not be the fault of the people associated with it but still it does smear the reputation of certain furnaces as this is no fuel & heating oil delivery service where everything is limited to order and delivery but a whole lot of other things.

Outside wood heaters that just heat the air, being a forced air unit are also very popular. The Lil’House heater being one of the units. With it having a lower cost than a wood boiler, that makes payback much sooner. Easy to install where most anyone with some basic knowledge can install one of these units in a mobile home, house, or shop. Designed to heat up to 2400 square space of living area and rated 100,000 BTU. Usually twice a day filling of wood is all that is required. No expensive ductwork is required nor is expensive chimney to use the heater. The whole cost from purchase to delivery and addtional items is less than $2000.00 on most homes or shops. So payback in todays dollars is usually in one heating season. The Lil’House heater is priced currently at $1395.00 but a price increase is planned for August 1st 2008 of an addtional $150.00 making the unit cost $1545.00 which is still well below the up front costs of a water boiler being in the $7000.00 to 10,000 dollar range.

Manufactured in Missouri, Bradley Enterprises in Ozark, Missouri is a distributor of the heaters. Low cost shipping is acheived by using various shipping companies to get the customer the very lowest shipping cost that they can find. Scott Bradley of Bradley Enterprises offers a different type of salesmanship than most sale oriented businesses. Scott says he doesn’t try to sell customers heaters, he tries to help them find what they need to do the job of heating a particular area. His website, is setup to show the average person just about everything they need to know about the Lil’House heater. Scott goes as far as not having a shopping cart or way to purchase a heater on-line, which is refreshing in today’s world of not even knowing your neighbors name. Scott goes as far as saying he wants to visit with you before you purchase to make sure it will work for you. That type of customer service has just about died in the age of internet and computers.

I was impressed by the number of photos and descriptions that are attached to them, he has went above and beyond any other manufactures site showing you how and more importantly why the heater will work. As he says, if your looking for a alternative to high priced ways to heat your home or shop, you owe it to yourself to check out his website. Hey, he even has on the contact page a link to his “what the farmer did today page”. You actually will feel as if you have met the man before you talk to him or email him. If you are looking for alternative heating sources be sure and look over the site and see if it is something that could help you save $1000’s of dollars in heating costs.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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