How To Follow The Mediterranean Diet

Today, in many countries a typical diet is rich in animal fats and constitutes foods that contain a lot of preservatives.

Health experts at after careful research claim that it is this diet that is a leading cause of various chronic illnesses and suggests transitioning to a Mediterranean diet for a healthy lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes the consumption of whole grains, fresh fruits, beans, vegetables, and legumes for a high-fiber and nutrient-rich diet. Transitioning to a Mediterranean diet is not a very tough choice, but there are a couple of foods that you need to refrain from eating.

To follow a Mediterranean diet meal plan, limit the intake of red meat and replace it with fish and poultry. Instead of using animal fat for cooking, use olive oil. Maximize the intake of legumes, wholegrain cereals, fruits, and vegetables, and consume dairy products in moderate amounts.

Avoid using extra salt in the food. Instead of snacking on cakes and biscuits, choose to have fruits, unsalted nuts, and dried fruit. Limit the consumption of ready meals and fast foods avoiding them as much as possible. Consume a minimum amount of sweets and desserts.

It is best to include a lot of variety when deciding on the ingredients for the Mediterranean meals of the day. It helps meet the nutritional requirements without consuming too many calories.

Research proves that people adopting a Mediterranean diet and having a regular exercise regime, often have their weight in control.

The main purpose behind adopting the HCG diet and the GM diet is weight loss, but people choose the Mediterranean diet to target overall health needs.

The Mediterranean diet follows a more natural weight loss plan as against the HCG diet that requires injecting of the HCG hormone in addition to a diet plan. HCG Diet and the GM diet require medical supervision.

Online apps are available to help you follow a Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan. iPhone provides customized meal recommendations in their Mediterranean Diet app powered by Zestar. Mediterranean Diet Plan is an Android application that can help you formulate a meal plan.

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