New Social Network Launched For The Engagement Of The People

The list of wants for the fame seeker can be extensive, and the fulfillment of each, at times, can be daunting, if not non-existent, but the “cast” (staff) behind CastSheet have made a giant effort to try and scratch needs off of some people’s lists.

A new social network of the sort is now available on the Internet. Anyone interested in getting “a foot in the door” can join for free. The network is designed for individuals seeking to become famous or relatively known worldwide. The website is equipped with cyber materials needed for one to begin the process of being found. The selection of the fast instagram likes should be done for the account of the person. The likes will contribute in the popularity of the person at social networking sites. The charges of buying the likes should be cheap and with 100% delivery.

Actors, dancers, musicians, writers, athletes, models and other talented persons can join the website if he or she is interested in finding a vessel for his or her own skill. CastSheet offers features configured towards individuals with specific needs. For the aspiring actor, CastSheet gives the actor the opportunity to find an agent and gives he or she access to filmmakers and films currently looking to hire. Independent filmmakers also can work on his or her movie through the website.

“People don’t have the money to spend for agents. Everybody wants to be somebody,” Security I.C. of CastSheet Omar Sanchez said.

The musician has the option to upload his or her music and have fans vote on his or her favorite songs. When the ballots are in and all votes are cast, the musician then has the opportunity to have his or her songs played on the radio.

CastSheet also has professional up-to-date screenwriting software for the writer interested in a career in screenwriting. D.J.’s can also book gigs straight through the website.

Besides providing an opening for the hopeful person, CastSheet also gives the everyday person in need, a way of contacting particular people to fit that need. For instance, if one is in need of a D.J., one can go on the website to find a D.J. suited for his or her particular needs. CastSheet gives an electronic calling card; it is parallel to a phone book, only it takes a shorter amount of time.

“It eliminates the middle man,” Chief Technology and Information Officer for CastSheet Sothareth Suos said.

CastSheet has twenty different people in different departments suited for the needs of its members. Celebrities can join the network as well and he or she can contact his or her fans directly. In fact, CastSheet has celebrity connections-those in the entertainment industry, i.e. musicians, actors, producers, writers, etc.

“It’s a new type of social connection. It gives more of a personal connection. Celebrities can talk directly to fans,” said Frederick Shaw, the Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Operations Officer of CastSheet.

CastSheet gives members a lot of control. The member controls which sponsors and advertisers he or she wants, making the member “The power-user,” said Suos. Members will create two profiles: a professional and personal profile.

The success of visionary concepts can be slim and narrow, and the hopes for success can be high and, sometimes, spirits can be discouraged, but the cast of CastSheet have full confidence in their new website. “I am a 1000 percent sure of its success. It will go as far as we take it,” said Shaw.

“Have you heard of anything like it?” Sanchez said with an assured tone, knowing that the answer would be no.

The website is now up and running and anybody can join- not just entertainers. It is secure and functional, and users can interact either through the computer or from a mobile device. The web address is CastSheet.com and more information can be found on Facebook.

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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