Tips for Treating Horrible Back Pain

Anyone who has had back pain knows that it is one of the most painful things anyone can go through. The excruciating pain that radiates from the back and outward can be caused by a variety of different circumstances.

Of course, when chronic back pain occurs, the doctor’s office is the first place you should go. However, if you are trying to avoid surgery the doctor can to little except run various tests, prescribe pain medication, and refer you to alternative help. There are a variety of different locations and causes for this pain but the best treatment regardless if the problem is disc-related or muscular is common sense. Here are some considerations and/or steps you should take when you have chronic back pain (of course, after you see your doctor).

  1. Improve your posture. It is never too late to do this. Chronic pain is often caused by years of mistreatment. You need to re-train yourself and consciously think about how you walk. This will take practice. You need to bend over differently too. Always bend at the knees, not the hips, and keep your back straight when picking something up. Also, don’t jump out of bed when your alarms go off. Instead, roll to your side (fetal-like position), hang your legs over the bed, and push yourself up while maintaining posture. This also takes practice. You must also pay attention to the way you sit. Sit more erect, rather than slouch. If you have a doctor who specializes in brain and spine surgery, it is better of you will consult with him or her about the best ways on how you can treat horrible back pain.

  2. Another good way to rid yourself of chronic pain is to make sure your musculature is proportional and balanced. Frequently, the back compensates for lack of muscular balance in the torso. If the abs are too strong and the low back muscles too weak (or vice versa) there is unnecessary pressure on the spine to compensate. Training the core muscles properly helps with this (a knowledgeable trainer is recommended).
  3. Flexibility is another helpful component of a healthy back. Tightness also contributes to pain. Adding a flexibility routine to your muscular training loosens the muscles around the spine and allows it to relax. Yoga is often very helpful.
  4. Some might also consider massage therapy. This will also help to loosen the muscles around the spine, releasing pressure in the area.
  5. Physical Therapy is always a good option if the pain is severe enough. Usually this route is often during the initial phases of treatment, but can be very educational.

I neglected to mention seeing a chiropractor. This is a controversial method of treatment. Some doctors and therapists recommend it, and some don’t. Try this method at your own risk, but make sure you do extensive research first.

Once the back is damaged, it is incredibly easy to injure it again. It is for this reason that one needs to maintain appropriate posture and take care to not neglect training the core. As those with back pain know, you can’t take a healthy back for granted!

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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