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Why Would Cbd Oil Be a Great Alternative To Treat Back Pain?

Talk about the most common medical conditions today and back pain is a fixture in the top list. The conventional way to deal with back pain is certainly the series of pain killer tablets we have in the market these days. You pop a pill and you are fine for the time being. But the catch is these pain killer tablets don’t always offer a long-term solution. The other more dangerous issue is these tablets often lead to a bunch of serious side-effects. This is where herbal CBD oil comes to the rescue. CBD has not only proved to offer excellent relief from back pain but also assures almost no side effects on right usage.

In other words, CBD oil is a way safer alternative to treat back pain than the chemical-laden pain killers. Added to oil, you will also find CBD cream for arthritis or any other painful condition today. The post below offers a brief on why CBD oil will be a better choice for back ache over pain killer pills.

Safe analgesic without harmful side-effects

Nobody is saying pain killers are not effective. Rather these analgesics offer almost instant relief. But continuous use of these pills can lead to dangerous side-effects such as ulcers, dizziness, stomach issues and so on. Moreover, it would also abet development of a tolerance towards analgesic after which these drugs won’t work on low doses. And high dosage of pain killers could be utterly harmful for the body.

On the other hand, CBD oil is also an analgesic but it does not carry the menacing side effects caused by analgesics like pain-killer pills. It is a natural analgesic that reduces discomfort and pain yet without harming the body. Also, CBD oil does not lead to analgesic tolerance. It implies, with CBD oil, you won’t be forced to take higher dosages to quell your pain.

CBD oil works by targeting pain regulation receptors like a3 GlyR. Studies have shown transdermal application (CBD oil) on the aching area attenuated chronic pain. Researchers have also reported about interaction of CBD with anandamide to lower painful conditions. In simple words, anandamide reduces painful sensations and invokes a happy feel. CBD oil improves the level of anandamide in blood which consequently works to alleviate acute pain and keeps a person happy.

Effective anti-depressant

Do you know back pain by could be a byproduct of chronic stress and anxiety at times? Yes, it’s true. And if your pain is caused by stress or tension, no pain killer would be adequately effective. This is another place where a natural healing alternative like CBD oil would be immensely helpful.

It’s because CBD oil is rich in natural anti-depressant properties. Studies have shown, rat models injected with CBD oil experienced reduced depression or anxiety. And it just took a very low dose (45 mg per kg) of CBD to enhance motivation and mood in the animals studied. Improved mood calms down anxiety and eventually leads to reduced back pain.

Now, of course you can argue about the anti-depressant OTC medicines to reduce anxiety. But, these medicines are unsafe for long-term use and carry risks of serious side-effects. Being a herbal anti-depressant, CBD oil offers a rather safer treatment here than these OTC anti-depressants.

Final words

CBD oils are available in various strengths and prices. Some sites even offer discount coupons. You can check all the cbd coupons at Greenthevoteok.com to get discounts from leading brands. Just make sure to settle with a brand that assures CBD oils made from organic hemp only with just .03% THC content. Your chosen CBD brand should also promise 3rd party lab tested products only. Buy safe.


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