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Smartphones Without Contracts

The increase in smartphone competition has resulted in more cell phone carriers offering smartphones without contracts. Some carriers offer limited number of minutes, while others provide unlimited minutes for a monthly charge. However, in most cases the consumer has to pay full price for the phone. You can pay as low as $45 per month for the service and get unlimited minutes without a contract.

Most no contract phones though run on older technology and powered mostly on Android and Blackberry operating systems. Most of the major carriers like AT  amp; T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint offer no contract phones, also referred to as prepaid phones. There are also smaller cellphone carriers like, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, NET10, and Virgin Mobile that provide no contract phones as well.

The following are a few cellphone carriers that provide smartphones without contracts. These have a larger customer base, offer a variety of smartphones, provide many options and affordable service plans. In addition, if you use the best wifi extender, these smartphones are quite impressive when it comes to connectivity. It can be easily connected to a wifi connection.

T-Mobile Prepaid/No Contract Smartphones

T-Mobile Prepaid currently has smartphones without contracts ranging from $99.99 to as high as $379.99. At the lower end there is the T-Mobile Comet for $99.99. There is also the LG Optimus T with Google Titanium for $119.99. Both of these smartphones though are refurbished, however, T-Mobile has a new LG Optimus T that costs $149.99. Blackberry Curve is also available for $187.49, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S 4G for $349.99.

AT  amp; T GoPhone Smartphones

AT  amp; T currently offers no contract smartphones on their GoPhone Prepaid Plans. Prices start at $179.99 and go as high as $499.99. GoPhone smartphones include the LG Thrive, Palm Pixi, Samsung Focus, Pantech Crossover, LG Quantum, and the HTC HD 7s. The LG Thrive is at the lower end for $179.99, while the HTC HD 7S is on higher end for $499.99.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid/No Contract Phones

Virgin Mobile Prepaid currently offers no contract smartphones but operate under the Sprint network. They have quite a few smartphones ranging from $129.99 to as high as $299.99. They offer the Samsung Intercept, an Android smartphone that costs $129.99. It is a 3G smartphone that features a 3.2″ touchscreen, a 3.2 MP (megapixel), camera and a QWERTY keyboard. One of the most expensive Virgin Mobile smartphone is the Motorola Triumph. It is powered by the Android 2.2 and features a 1 GHz (Gigahertz) processor, a 4.1″ touchscreen, 5 MP camera, a front facing VGA camera, a 720p HD camcorder, an HDMI output, Google Maps and the Android Market. They also have the LG Optimus V for $149.99 and the Blackberry Curve 8530 for $179.99.

Metro PCS Prepaid/ No Contract Smartphones

Metro PCS, a wireless prepaid company, offers a variety of smartphones on their network without contracts. Their smartphone prices currently range from $99.00 to $349.00. On the low end is the LG Optimus M for $99.00. It operates on the Android 2.2 OS and features Wi-Fi connectivity and a 3.2 MP camera. Metro PCS also carries the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, the Samsung Craft, Blackberry Curve 8530, Samsung Admire Red, and the Huawei M 835.

Boost Mobile Prepaid/ No Contract Smartphones

Like Metro PCS, Boost Mobile offers prepaid cellphone services with no contract. Boost Mobile smartphones operates on the Android and Blackberry operating systems. Most of their smartphones are on the lower end, in comparison with other prepaid carriers. Prices range from $79.99 on the low end, and $229.99 on the high end. The most affordable Boost Mobile smartphones are currently the Samsung Seek and the Sanyo Incognito for $79.99 each. They also offer the Blackberry Curve for $179.99, the Samsung Transform Ultra for $229.99, the Samsung Prevail for $149.99, and the Blackberry Style 9670 for $199.99.

Smartphones are on the rise, and more carriers are offering a variety of affordable services without contracts. So, as the competition increases and smartphones become more popular, the cost of smartphones will decrease, which will open up the market for more prepaid smartphones.

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