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Defeat hordes of Zombies in this New Free Minecraft Online game. Check out ZombieCraft and everything you need to know about this killer game on its Homepage!

Are you ready to face ferocious zombies using skills, weapons, and items to eradicate them? This is ZombieCraft the only Minecraft inspired game that allows you to kill zombies in your favorite world. As in ZombieCraft, everything is made out of the popular blocks from the original version, you will see giant emerald walls aside Redstone ones.

What You Can Find in This Game

You start the game by selecting a Minecraft style character after you are put inside a dungeon including different Minecraft skins and Minecraft maps, once here you can freely roam around and search for Minecraft zombies. The more you advance on the game, the better skills, and equipment you can get. ZombieCraft is a free Minecraft game and all you need in order to play it is to install Unity Web Player, a top-notch technology plugin that allows you to play high-quality games in your browser and it will auto-update automatically.

It will make you think of Minecraft Hunger Games, the game mode inspired in the movie with the same name, this is because you will need to find your way to survive all risks involved in the game.

How to Play This Game

Move as fast as you can inside these Minecraft maps and make those horrible zombies run in fear. Use your ax to kill every single Zombie enemy in ZombieCraft. The game is designed with Unity, the most advanced video game design software assuring high-quality delivery.

If you are enjoying the browser version of ZombiCraft here in World Minecraft, don´t forget to download the mobile version by following this link (adding the link to Google Play maybe?) so you can bring the game everywhere you go!

What Do I Need to Play This Game?

Before you start playing the game make sure that you have the latest version of Unity Web Player as it is required to run the game. In case you don’t have it yet, you can click on the Install now button and you will get redirected to Unity Web Player’s website, either you have a Mac or a PC you can get the right version for your OS. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and you won´t only be playing ZombieCraft but many other great games design with Unity.

Playing ZombieCraft is very simple, all you need to do is to use your keyboard arrows to move around and then smash the zombies.

And if you enjoy multiplayer battles or coop modes, well, this game is for you as these Minecraft modes will be added soon. Kill more than 50 zombies to go to the next level and to face big bosses, levels are being added often in order to keep the game as a fresh concept so, start your ZombieCraft adventure now!

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