Moving From One Kingdom To Another- Beginner’s Guide To ROK

On the off chance that you think the world that the game is limited to simply your realm in Rising of Civilizations, at that point, plan to be astonished!  There are more than 1,000 Kingdoms, much the same as yours in the game as of now, and new Kingdoms are being included a normal premise. Fortunately, the game has been considered in a capacity for you to handily switch Kingdoms should you wish to do as such. It’s quite easy to do, yet there are limitations.  

At the point when you first begin playing Rise of Kingdoms, you are doled out to an irregular worker. Typically, a fresher worker is more utilized for new players, since everything would be more adjusted and you won’t locate your level 1 city encompassed by level 20 or more ones. In any case, the game permits you to change workers or change the realm you’re in – that is something very similar, and it is done without any problem.  Above all else, before we even get to this current, there’s one thing you should know: you can just change workers and move to another realm before you update your City Hall to level 8. 

So, if your city lobby is higher than level 8, you won’t have the option to change realms and workers and you are adhered to the worker/realm you’re at. There’s nothing you can do to move now. 

You will likewise need to meet different prerequisites, out of which the most significant is to claim in any event one Beginner’s Teleport (so on the off chance that you utilized it, you won’t have the option to change to an alternate landmass or realm). 

How can you move from one kingdom to another?

You likewise need to have every one of your soldiers at home, no more fortifications in the city, not be a piece of collusion, and you don’t have more than one other character on the planet you are transporting to.

On the off chance that you meet every one of these necessities, balancing workers in Rising of Kingdoms (otherwise known as moving to an alternate Continent/Kingdom) ought to be extremely simple: 

  1. In the first place, squeeze the screen to zoom out, however much as could reasonably be expected, to see however much as could be expected of your present realm.
  2. Tap the earth globe symbol in the base right corner of the screen. This will bring a rundown of kingdoms, indicating you your present realm. 
  3. Basically, peruse the rundown and tap the Continent you need to move to, select a Kingdom from the rundown and afterward at long last select a Province you need to move to:
  4. Tap the yellow Teleport button. If you meet all the prerequisites recorded toward the start of this article (the game will likewise show them for you), the game will reset, and you will end up in the new realm in the chose locale.

This makes it much simpler for you to play along with your companions or move away from an old worker with elevated level players and head off to someplace that is more amateur well disposed, as long as you choose to do this before your City Hall arrives at level 8.

Before we go any further, we should simply pause for a minute to welcome the great UI and illustrations of Rising of Kingdoms. Everything from the characters to the structures is planned in extraordinary detail. The game is situated in a solitary tremendous guide and offers the client the capacity to focus on singular urban communities. ‘On the planet see’ you get an outline of the whole guide.

Fundamental Concept and Game Mechanics 

In the least difficult potential terms, you, as a lead representative, are answerable for building an extraordinary city. This is accomplished by social event assets and building/redesigning your structures. Troops additionally assume an urgent job in this game and are utilized to assault different urban areas, shield your city, or potentially gather things from the guide.

You can pick one of the eight accessible civic establishments, to begin with. What makes this game novel and amusing to play are the 20 unmistakable saints and game modes like Expedition and PvP mode. 

An in-game instructional exercise is offered for new players to make them acquainted with the game mechanics. It is quite better than an average prologue to the various components accessible in Rising of Kingdoms. As an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, Rise of Kingdoms is shockingly easy to play. Read more about this to understand the concepts better.

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