CBD Oil: All The Rage And Know Whether It Is Safe And Effective!

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become the hottest product that places that have legalized medical marijuana. It is extracted from the buds and flowers of marijuana or hemp plants don’t produce intoxication and doesn’t make you high like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Experts have found out the excellent benefits of CBD and are being produced without any regulations. CBD is a non-intoxicating marijuana extract that is helpful in treating many medical problems like epileptic seizures, anxiety, inflammation, sleeplessness, and much more. To know more details about CBD Oil and other products, you can check out cbdMD review

Pieces of evidence that CBD is effective and treat Epilepsy

Cannabidiol has significant scientific evidence that it treats Epilepsy. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and advised CBD medication to treat rate forms of childhood epilepsy. Timothy Welthy, the chair of the department of clinical sciences, said, “That’s the only area where the evidence has risen at a point where the FDA has accepted to approve a new drug.” CBD provides many other potential uses that are seen in humans and in animals, but there are little shreds of evidence to make a rigid conclusion.

For example, there were some human clinical trials that suggest that CBD is quite effective in treating insomnia, anxiety, and mainly social anxiety, Born-Miller said. There have been many clinical trials in adults and kids that have been done for epilepsy studies. CBD is useful as an anti-inflammation medication and is considered the most promising medication said by experts.

Other benefits and uses that are largely unproven

CBD has many other potential uses; it is used as an antipsychotic, sleep aid, or antidepressant, and all this has been not only studied in humans but in animals also. But with the popularity of CBD oil, there are many companies that have started selling CBD oil that doesn’t even contain CBD. Experts said, “There are concerns about the quality of CBD oil being produced and its possible side effects.”

Lack of regulations is also concerning.

Marijuana has a murky nature, which is why the FDA has not stepped forward to regulate products like CBD oil. Many states are struggling to put the regulations in order, but they don’t have enough support and money to fill the federal government’s pockets. But studies have been carried out and found that nearly 7 out of 10 CBD products don’t contain marijuana extract as mentioned on the label. Nearly 43 percent of the products contain little CBD, while 26 percent of products contain too much CBD found in studies.

It has also been studied that about 1 in 5 CBD products contain an intoxicating chemical named THC. THC can increase anxiety and can make the seizures worse, and there are things that you need to be careful about. You must never buy a product that contains THC as it can worsen your symptoms. You must check the label of the product and know its ingredients.

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