Dragon Quest VIII Preview At Next Level Gaming!

Finally US gets another Dragon Quest game 

 Well its been awhile buy Square-Enix has finally decided to give us another Dragon Quest game. Some of you will remember Dragon Warrior VII which was 4 years ago. Its been a long while but I think were all ready to a new Dragon Quest game. The new game is called Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Ive managed to get my hands on the Dragon Quest VIII Demo before the actual game comes out. Ill give you a little insight as to what you will be expecting when the full version comes out. Let me give you the story so far. A jester name Dhoulmagus finds a scepter and uses it to cast a curse on the Kingdom and those around it.

The King and the princess are changed into hideous beast. The King ďKing TrodeĒ looks like a green monster and the princess a horse. Now you the hero ďEightĒ were the only one who wasnt affected by the curse. So its your duty to track down Dhoulmagus and free the Kingdom from the curse along with the King and princess. So far Im impressed with how beautiful Dragon Quest VIII is looking already. For the first time you will be immersed into a 3D world with lush colorful backgrounds. Where anything that you see in the background you can go and visit. How cool is that. The game has a cel-shaded feel but allows you to feel a world straight out of Japanese animationThose of you who have watched DBZ will notice that some of the characters look like certain DBZ characters. Now your probably wondering how the controls and game play are, well let me give you a short run down. The camera can move all around giving full view of what your surroundings look like or toggle to first-person view. At certain points in the game you will get dialog which matches the characters perfectly.

I found it really neat that I could rotate the camera while interacting with people in the demo. The game play goes you can interact with people and certain objects that are around you. While playing the demo I really didnt run into too much loading everything was smooth. So Im hopping the final copy will be the same. The fighting in Dragon Quest VIII is easy to pick up and the menu gives you plenty of options to choose from. With in few levels you will be able to start to choose certain skills for your warriors to go towards. Giving you the freedom to fix your characters anyway you want to.

Youll also pick up abilities and spells. I found this really awesome, I cant wait to get my hands on the final copy and see what skills await. The demo is short but it gives you enough of what the actual game will be like. With a few days left till the final copy comes out, I hope that from reading this short preview you will be psyched up and ready for the real thing. Keep yours eyes open for the full review on the game explaining more details about the game and more information leading into the characters development. Check out this cool looking trailer.

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