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Easy Steps For Younger-Looking, More Radiant Skin

You’ve seen her — perhaps on the bus, or maybe in the grocery line behind you. In any case, her skin looks flawless and glowing. A brief chat with her might even reveal that she’s one or two decades older than you are. So what is the secret to her vibrant skin? Chances are, she’s realized that there are five easy steps to follow to master the art of youthful and radiant skin. Conquer these, and someone in the supermarket check-out might just wonder how you’re doing it.

Step One: Wash Your Face

You can’t have radiant skin if you’ve got lots of makeup residue. Pay particular attention to the area around the eyes. If those “windows to the soul” are smudged with eyeliner or mascara remnants, they will certainly not be radiant. Ensure that your cosmetic removal process involves a thorough (yet gentle) treatment of the eye area. When your eyes are bright, the rest of the face will follow suit.

Step Two: Know and Treat Your Skin Type

Not everyone has the same type of skin. Depending on your age and gene pool, you will need to address your personal skin issues. Your forehead may be shiny, or perhaps you’re dealing with excessive peeling, acne or scarring. Addressing these issues head-on is the key to keeping your skin as smooth and blemish-free as possible.

Step Three: Change Soaps

Some bar soaps and body washes contain harsh chemicals that easily strip away dirt, but also some of the skin’s natural oils that help keep it soft. Take a more thorough trip through the soap and skin care aisle. And this time, really read the ingredients. Look for soaps that contain cocoa butter, vitamin E and essential oils. After a few baths and showers, you will most certainly be able to tell the difference. Olay offers a Total Effects Body Wash that will deeply moisturize your skin and improve elasticity within a week.

Step Four: Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins can help reverse the signs of aging. Women over the age of 30, in particular, should pay close attention to retinol, a topical application of vitamin A, which helps to “thicken” skin with collagen. Additionally, vitamin E serves as a sun-protectant and anti-inflammatory agent. And finally, vitamin C helps to reduce scarring and wrinkles. Seek out creams and lotions with these important ingredients, and you might just discover that your skin’s aging process has slowed down.

Step Five: “Fake” That Radiant Glow

You may have done just about everything under the sun (pun intended) to make sure that your aging skin looks as vibrant as it can. But some of these treatments take some time to work their magic. In the meantime, start looking into the kinds of cosmetics you choose. Scale down some of the colors you wear. Instead, invest in a bronzer-one that matches your skin tone perfectly and helps to capture the light at the right angles. Bronzers are great for getting a quick and easy enhanced tone and can be applied those who want an alternative to foundation. The formation of the glow will be done through eliminating the lowering the tip of nose. The botox side of nose will be advantageous for providing glow over face and nose.

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