Finding Your Dog Soul Mate

There are so many choices to go through before finding your canine soul mate. You have a lot of questions to answer but in the end, you’ll know it’s right when you look into his or her eyes.

Let’s be honest though. It’s impossible not to fall in love with any dog when you look into their eyes. So you should narrow down your options before looking, and a good place to start is focusing on the general characteristics. Keep in mind that each breed is unique, and each individual dog has a personality that might even be uncharacteristic of that breed.

In General… Larger Breeds Require More Exercise.

You live an active life. You require regular doses of nature in order to function. You want a dog who can keep up with you on a daily jog. Better yet, you want a dog who can motivate you to push yourself further, to play harder. Your ideal canine might be easier to train. She will have an easygoing personality and will be friendly towards others but is also loyal and protective of her family. You probably want a dog that is medium sized or larger.

In General… Smaller Breeds Require More Attention.

On a Friday night, you’d rather be at home playing a game with family or watching a movie at home. Nothing is better than curling up with a good book. You’re an easy going person who may be described as introverted—but not shy. You just feel more comfortable in smaller groups or alone. Your ideal dog is low maintenance and won’t ask for much… just your love and attention. A medium sized or smaller dog is probably just want you need. Since they require attention and love from you, you have to make sure that they are properly cared of. You should provide your dog the things that he or she needs. To help you out, you can check some of the items here:

In General…Males Make Better Companions for Females And vice versa.

This is one of those general characterizations that can probably be debunked by a “Dog Myth” list somewhere, yet there will always be some truth behind it. Female dogs tend to take to males better, and male dogs tend to take to females better. Sometimes. It’s just something to keep in mind…

In General… Puppies Can Be More of a Wild Card

You already know how your lifestyle will determine your dog soul mate, and personality is very important. The ideal dog is already housetrained and will not feel neglected if left alone for more than 4 hours a day. You need a dog that is friendly and trustworthy because you live a social life. You should strongly consider adopting a dog that has already matured, so you can choose the personality that is compatible with your lifestyle.

On the other hand, puppies are cute. You want a specific breed, and you want to raise your dog from a very early age. You are very comfortable and capable with investing the time and effort into training; you should have no problem raising a puppy into a healthy, happy dog.

In General… Dog Adoption Agencies Can Help You Find Your Canine Soul Mate

The experience of adopting a dog provides peace of mind, because you are providing a better life for a canine that may have been abandoned or rescued from an unfortunate situation. More importantly, it’s a better experience for you as well because a dog adoption agency will generally interview applicants and work hard to find the most compatible dog based on lifestyle and personality. If you need certainty that you can provide the right environment for your dog (and, you get the right dog for your environment) then dog adoption is probably the way to go.

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