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Inversion Table Therapy For Back Pain – Know About The Therapy!!

Today, inversion therapy is a recognized treatment method for sciatica pain. In fact, some doctors have been known to recommend inversion therapy to patients suffering from sciatic nerve pain. The increasing acceptance of inversion as a home treatment method for back pain probably stems from the fact that there are several studies that have been conducted on the effectiveness of inversion against back pain. A look at the site will offer the effective and correct results in the removing the chronic pain. The checking of the reviews and ratings will provide the correct benefits to the individuals. The understanding of the program is simple and easy for the people.

For example, a study conducted in 1964 by Dr. Sheffield on the use of inversion tables for Lumbar Traction, revealed that inversion can produce a significant reduction in back pain. Out of a total of 175 people who took part in Dr. Sheffield’s study, 155 people who had been unable to work due to pain in the lower back were able to return to work after only 8 sessions.

Dr. Dimberg also conducted a study with inversion tables and inversion therapy. What they found was that the effects of the spinal traction has increased to the point that the pain was bearable or completely gone in just over a 12 month period of time. In the United States, one third of the people who call in for sick days can be attributed to having back pain.

Dr. Goldman also done a study in 1993 which actually show adverse effects on inversion tables and its therapy. The results show that inverting the body for long periods of time can case an increase in both blood and eye pressure. Sometimes it can cause a stroke. Even with these risks, most doctors are now taking precaution to tell patients not to spend most of their day inverted.

Another famous doctor at the Mayo Clinic has came forward and told the public his concerns. The main concern was that the effects of inversion tables are only for a short amount of time and it doesn’t solve the problem of back pain. Even when this is the case, Dr. Randy A. Shelerud recommends to doctors tell their patients to use inversion tables to help reduce pain but it should be the sole method on reducing back pain. You should have a broader back pain treatment program.

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