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Is Your Pest Management Service Provider Aqis Compliant

AQIS stands for Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, and it is their duty to ensure no potentially hazardous materials or pests are introduced into the country or sent of out the country. If you’ve ever returned home to Australia from overseas, then you will have dealt with quarantine. For those living near Sacramento, is a perfect choice when it comes to pest control. 

The importance of AQIS compliance

The objectives of AQIS go beyond the border of our country, as their operations can focus on ensuring that businesses that deal in export/import or deal in industries such as healthcare also need to be AQIS compliant. So this could include warehouses that import or export certain materials and foods or the likes of hospitals or research facilities where issues of contamination and/or quarantine could be very apparent.

Ensuring your compliance with AQIS guidelines may mean you’ll need to invest in a pest management service provider that is AQIS compliant themselves. Particularly, AQIS compliant pest control providers can offer services such as fumigating certain goods to kill off any pests that may be of concern to the Australian government or other countries.

At Goode Pest Control, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are AQIS compliant and can offer our services to a range of Brisbane businesses. If you’re looking to ship goods overseas from your warehouse, we can provide you with the appropriate fumigation services to ensure your goods are free of harmful pests.

Additionally, if you’re part of the healthcare industry, we understand and appreciate the importance of keeping your environment up-to-code and safe for all involved. Due to our AQIS, it means we use products that are suitable for use in areas where the prevention of contamination and the assurance of quarantine are paramount. We’re also HACCP compliant, meaning we are equipped to offer our services for areas that contain foodstuffs.

The penalties of not being AQIS compliant

Being AQIS compliant isn’t just important to us at Goode Pest Control, but it is also important for businesses – especially those that handle frequently with import and export operations. Failing to comply with AQIS guidelines can lead to significant penalties, ranging from fines (which can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars) to imprisonment.

The penalties you can face for an AQIS breach are severe, so you’ll want to avoid them at all costs by ensuring you’re taking all the preventative measures to prevent the spread of harmful pests and diseases.

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