Making Your New Apartment a Home…The Thrift Way

Making your new apartment a home can be so much fun  amp; incredibly easy, even on a budget. There are lots of extras that make a house/apartment a home. From area rugs to picture frames to new lighting fixtures – your home is your sanctuary – make it so. It makes it so worthy to get the best rated investment properties in Singapore if you can achieve this. 

First off, the things you need to get started are a list of the local thrift shops. Also, find out where  amp; when the flea markets take place. Once you have this information you now have the means to do a little shopping. Decide what colors you want in each room before you set out on your adventure in the thrift stores. That will be a great help to you when you are there  amp; you see something you like – is it in your color scheme? If so, examine it amp; make sure it’s exactly what you want. If it’s in good condition, decide if it’s something that you’ll want at home. The biggest thing about thrift shopping is that there is so much stuff out there. I found that I was buying things that I sort of liked  amp; then when I went out again shopping I’d look for the same item – but exactly what I wanted. So, when you see an item make sure it’s going to be something that you really love.

I’ve changed most of my lighting fixtures in my apartment to ones that are in style  amp; beautiful. Before you do this ask your manager if it’s okay amp; make sure you have someone who knows how to install them. A new fixture can change an out-dated one to something modern in a split second!! Fabulous. It’s one of the quickest ways to improve your space. And they are fairly basic to change. Most of them only have 2 wires  amp; it’s obvious which of the new wires go where. But just make sure your manager is good with you doing this first.

Area rugs are a way to make a home cozy  amp; comfortable. The big thing with buying used carpet is the condition of the rug. Some carpet has odors that are not pleasant. If you find something that is beautiful but has a bad scent to it – you can get that scent out quite easily. Decide if it’s worth it to you to clean it. I just bought a really nice hallway runner that is the perfect design  amp; colors for the area I wanted. When I got home amp; unrolled it I instantly smelt the musky smell. I Googled “Remove odor from wool rugs” amp; clicked on an article. I ended up buying some pure tea tree oil, mixing it with water in a spray bottle amp; spraying the carpet (outside). She’s as good as new now!!! The runner cost me $10.00 amp; the treatment of it cost me $10.00. That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

Tell you friends that you are decorating your home  amp; somewhere a long the line you might be offered something when they are changing items in their own homes. I was given a beautiful Armoire (french cabinet) from my niece  amp; her boyfriend when they upgraded their furniture. It’s gorgeous amp; all because I told them I was decorating my place amp; they remembered. I also was given a matching coffee table  amp; 2 end tables because I told someone I was looking for these items. When my friend moved he needed them gone … yup, I’ll take those!!! They are in great condition amp; look so good in my living room. Spread the word that you’ve got your own place  amp; you might get some neat things. Click on the numbers above the photo amp; see some of the deals I have picked up. If you click on the photo you’ll see the full picture. Hit the back arrow when you are done to get back to this article.

Lighting, such as lamps, makes a home more modern  amp; comfortable. I have 4 hanging lamps that I truly love  amp; I just changed all of the shades on them – purchased from thrift shops. And desk lamps are nice when it turns to evening  amp; you can turn off all of the over-head lights. Look at the photos amp; see my new shades that look so modern amp; stylish. The one that is a table lamp cost me $3.00 for the lamp  amp; .56 cents for the shade. I hit a 50% off deal on those ones. Notice that I have the same shade in my kitchen, too. Those shades are made for lighting fixtures – but get creative amp; make something out of what you like. That’s what I do!!

Find yourself some art for the walls. Go with your colors in each room  amp; what you really love when you see it. In the photos I got that long picture for $7.00 – no tax. The frame is worth more than that!! Keep your eyes out for deals. And go to the thrift stores on a regular basis. Get a few things at a time  amp; you will soon be enjoying the comfort amp; coziness of your HOME.

Getting furniture is a hoot from a thrift store. Some of it is really old  amp; retro amp; that’s neat to see. There are generally a lot of different types of furniture to choose from – especially if you can get to 3 or more stores when looking for certain pieces. Once you start with a piece see if you can match the wood style (if it’s wood) or something that compliments the first item. If you’re in no rush, go out  amp; look until you find just the right thing for what you want.

Having a radio, media player or some type of music playing during the day makes your home more inviting. I personally love music  amp; have it playing almost from the moment I wake up until the time I go to bed. But it really makes my place feel like home. I live on a fairly busy street  amp; just having a low playing, constant music source lets me forget about all that’s outside. It really does an amazing job of letting me relax … at home. You’d be amazed at how many people say they love my place  amp; how I’ve decorated it. A lot. It’s because I like stylish, modern, funky amp; different “things”. I buy what I like. I go thrift shopping all the time … just to see what’s out there. If I find something that’s cool, I’ll get it. But, I also take a bundle of stuff back to the thrift stores if stuff doesn’t work out for me. That’s okay. It’s all recycling, right? Have fun with it!!

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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