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The Long-Term Affects Of Spying On Your Teen And Why You Shouldn’t Spy

In this day and age, of suicide and depression, of sex and drugs, parents want to know what’s going on in every breathing moment of their teenagers lives. They want to know where they’re going, who they’re with, and what they’re doing. But, being a teenager myself, we all know that one little lie can […]

Guide Home Improvement Kids Life Opinion Spying

The Long-Term Affects Of Spying On Your Teen And Why You Shouldn’t Spy

In this day and age, of suicide and depression, of sex and drugs, parents want to know what’s going on in every breathing moment of their teenagers lives. They want to know where they’re going, who they’re with, and what they’re doing. But, being a teenager myself, we all know that one little lie can […]

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Plastic Surgery- Busting the Myth Surrounding a Noble Profession

Human beings are a virtually confused lot who can’t tell the difference between light and serious issues but will easily believe anybody about anything about certain things and never do so about others.

To be more specific, they believe or disbelieve anything according to their convenience because it must suit their mindset and preference, which is why they are easily duped by unscrupulous elements.

If they see certain benefits for themselves, they would willingly do anything to obtain it even if the offer is dubious and if it pertains to the greater good, they would avoid it as it means they have to sacrifice something precious in the bargain.


Plastic surgery has a long history to its name but the biggest misconception that people have about it is that it is believed to be an invention of the British but in fact its roots can be traced back to 5th century in ancient India.

Nevertheless, it has proven to be a revolutionary step where there have been numerous breakthroughs regarding the procedure that has achieved many milestones in the long run since its inception.

It began with repairing a broken nose when a piece of skin from another part was fixed on the nose as a replacement and since then, the knowledge got lost with time due to foreign invaders looting and plundering everything but resurfaced many centuries later.

Plastic surgery does not necessarily mean that your face will get a brand new look because it can and has gone horribly wrong many times where you must have read about celebrities having a worse look compared to what they appeared onscreen before.

The advanced technology has definitely helped it evolve into a bigger phenomenon but certain surgeons have never forgotten its roots because some of them still use the traditional methods, especially older instruments used during those times.

The world famous Masri clinic core plastic surgery in Michigan is considered one of the best centers where you have numerous examples of celebrities having their surgeries done at that place.

Clearing All Doubts

Let us now look at some important myths surrounding plastic surgery and help clearing the doubts of the people to give them a bigger and clearer picture, which are as follows.

  • Plastic surgery includes Botox treatment, liposuction and Rhinoplasty, which has created a misconception that it is only for women but it isn’t the case because nearly 20% of the plastic surgery cases account for men
  • Another myth surrounding it is that it is only for the rich and elite but there are many cases where people from middle class backgrounds have undergone the surgery with success

  • Women are advised not to undergo plastic surgery until reaching an advanced age but the numerous examples of young celebrities tell a different story, proving that there is no age limit to get it done
  • While the recovery process takes time, it does not mean that it would take years and years for life to get back to normal

My Winter Home Improvement Disaster

A few winters ago, I found myself watching a lot of design shows. One day, I saw a show on TLC that featured a faux suede wall treatment. It seemed so easy that I decided to do this one myself. At the time, I didn’t ask myself basic questions like: will this be easy to remove and why would I want my walls to look like cow skin anyway? Now I wish I had asked a lot more questions before taking on this do-it-yourself project.

It required just a few materials: ripped grocery bags, a paintbrush, the best price impact driver, and white glue. It sounded easy enough. So I went to the grocery store and asked if they had paper bags that I could have or buy. They didn’t. I decided that the rolls of postal paper would achieve the same effect. I also decided that by white glue, they must have meant wallpaper glue so I bought a large container of that, as well.

This project took several days to complete. My daughter and some of her friends helped and we eventually covered an entire hallway of our home in this “faux suede” wall treatment. We had so much fun while we were doing it, I then decided that we might as well go ahead and do the same to the hall bathroom.

After completely covering the bathroom in this light brown paper, I decided it made the room too dark- it was already a small bath. It now felt like the walls were closing in on me. And so, I did what any creative person might do; I painted over the paper itself. At the time it didn’t occur to me that this would all be hell to remove one day. I was just excited about having completed a project, and for the first year or so, we liked it well enough.

But over time, as always is the case for me, I began to notice little flaws. Small edges that had begun peeling up started to annoy me. At first, I would just glue them back down. Then one day I decided to begin removing the paper from the hall. I don’t know why I’d thought taking it off would be as easy as putting it up was. In retrospect, I should have known better.

After peeling just enough off the wall to realize that removing this was probably going to take the rest of my life, I just gave up completely and hung a picture over the torn spot. As far as the bathroom with textured, multi-layered painted-over “faux suede,” I’ve just decided to live with that for a while as well. It’s probably going to require professional help to deal with that one. (Either a contractor or therapist.) One day I’ll deal with these disasters I call my walls. Now when I see these types of shows, I find myself wishing they aired with a warning. That particular episode should have been called Fashion Faux Pas: Faux Suede Wall Edition.

Do You Really Want that Condo?

We Boomers are always hearing that downsizing makes sense. After all, why keep paying those big bills to maintain the family homestead after the kids are gone, right?

Let’s not leap to that easy conclusion. If you are hearing the siren song of your local realtor, that condo living—just “lock it and leave,” whenever you like—will necessarily simplify your life, beware: that song has a flip side and I’m here to sing it to you, as a battle-tested veteran of the Condo Wars.

I have owned four condos over the past 30 years. One of them was a positive experience, which I will get to in a moment. But my happiest day in the other three cases was the day I sold. Let’s see what lessons can be found in my experiences:

My first condo was on a barrier island off Florida’s Gulf Coast, three decades ago. Eight stories up with a beautiful view of the bay and shoreline beyond. The owner of each unit had one vote in condo meetings, but one man owned several units…and his word was law. I first realized this when I discovered the building’s policy on rental of the boat slips behind the building: a flat fee for each, regardless of the boat’s length. This meant that our “godfather”—with his 40-foot sloop—was paying the same fifty bucks each month as the guy next to him with a 14-foot day sailer. Owner meetings were not so much discussions as they were affirmations of the desires of Mr. Big. When he managed to avoid paying his fair share of monthly maintenance and special assessments by extending his flat fee policy, I decided to move on before we crossed swords, which would have been inevitable.

Many years later, I decided to give condos another try, this time on Puget Sound. Two of the attractions of this particular development were its low maintenance fees and 24-hour guard gate, a unique feature in the area. I soon discovered that the maintenance fees hadn’t been raised in 10 years and-just my luck-the condo board decided soon after I arrived that deferred maintenance could wait no longer. Up went the fees-every six months. In addition, the board felt special assessments were necessary, so they too began: a total of five of them in the two years I was there. One thing you learn very quickly as a condo owner is that your board has the power of a banana belt dictator: you pay what they say, or you will find a lien slapped on your property. True, they are elected officials and there is a procedure for recall…but it is complicated, laborious and contentious. Not exactly the atmosphere you want to create for your Golden Years.It is unlike Clavon condo in Singapore. Clavon has good set of management so home owners are really happy. In addition, the amenities, the design, ambiance and everything are in the right and quality condition so you will live comfortably and conveniently.

The most interesting part of this experience occurred when several owners decided they didn’t like the salary increases granted to our guards each year, and so began an effort to replace the guards with a gate. Soon, everyone was taking sides. There were clandestine meetings. Thomas Paine wannabes posted anonymous notes. Positions hardened. Finally, our own version of “High Noon,” the clubhouse meeting. Our side-“The Guardians”-came armed with a Power Point presentation showing how keeping the guards would continue to enhance our property values; the opposition produced a man in the gate business. Sadly (for them) he wilted on cross examination, admitting that his automatic gates had been known to malfunction…and that it could take a half-day or more for his firm to answer the resulting service call.

The Guardians prevailed, but I was bothered by the number of my neighbors who said they were more concerned about their monthly nut than their property value, since they never intended to sell.

The final straw for me there came when the owner of adjacent land announced he planned to develop it-and claimed an easement that would connect to what had been the private driveway into our development. Naturally, we needed to hire an attorney and the board soon levied a $30,000 special assessment to cover initial legal expenses.

My final–and I do, indeed, fervently hope it was my final–condo experience took place quite recently in the Vancouver area. It was a penthouse in a small building in a lovely suburban setting. Nothing in the bylaws stipulated flooring. I installed hardwood floors. Well…the neighbor below me announced, just before installation, that my new floor would be a problem. She then proceeded to fulfill her prophecy by lodging a formal complaint each and every time she thought there might be a noise above her. Her buddy, the board president, then fired off a notice to me-each time-that I was in violation of the noise ordinance and would be fined accordingly. At about the same time, I began receiving citations for various and sundry infractions, none of which had ever been brought to my attention in the previous seven years I had been there. My condo is now on the market. You would love it, if you don’t mind tiptoeing over the neighbors.

I mentioned at the outset that I have also had one positive condo experience. It occurred a dozen years ago, when I was shopping for a home in Salt Lake City. I had a very sharp realtor who asked, “Would you consider a penthouse condo?” I gave him a startled look and replied, “There’s no way. Those things are really expensive.” He smiled and drove me to a building that looked a bit run down, but was positioned perfectly between downtown and the large medical complex at the University of Utah. The penthouse he showed me had recently been renovated and was in terrific shape, but what about the lobby? It looked very dated. “They’ll be renovating it in the next couple of months,” my realtor said, “and the cash reserve for it has already been set aside. There won’t be a special assessment.” I was startled to get the penthouse for $134K…a few months before Salt Lake City was granted the Winter Olympics. Sold it several years later when I no longer spent much time in Utah but still wish I owned it…something I would never say about the other units mentioned here.

So…condos can be wonderful when everything goes beautifully. But there will be times when rain falls on your retirement parade. Here are some checkpoints to keep that from happening when considering a condo:

  1. Don’t just note the maintenance fee. Examine at least a five year history of monthly maintenance, to be sure there have been regular increases. If there hasn’t been an increase in two or three years, that’s a sign of a condo board putting off deferred maintenance too long. Your fee will be going up soon. Count on it.
  1. The same for special assessments. Check the history there and ask the reason for each one.
  1. In most areas, a seller is required to supply you with the minutes for monthly condo meetings for at least the past year. Read them carefully. If you find the tone to be petty or punitive on a regular basis, trust me: you don’t want to live there.
  1. Check the condo association’s cash reserve. If it isn’t holding back a total of at least three month’s maintenance fees (combined, from all units) in a rainy day fund, that’s bad management…and a sure sign you’ll be hit with a special assessment the next time there’s a surprise expense.

How to Install CuteNews PHP Content Management on Your Website

Do you own a website? So you want a place to type your blog for your website? No worries, I am here to help you. As an owner of a website myself, I was very anxious to find a trustworthy program that would be easy and not so time consuming to install. I found the perfect one. Cute news. I will teach you how easy it to install it.

Before we go on with installing Cute News you first need to make sure that you have a program that unzips files. There are several programs, but the best is WinZip. WinZip offers a free 30 day trial, and their program is very easy to use. I reccomened that you download the Winzip program, and after you are finished downloading that, you will need to go to the Cute News website and download the Zip file for the installation.

Next you will need to go to Cute News website, scroll down until you see the section called Download, and download the Zip file that they offer. After you have downloaded the file, your WinZip program should pop up on your computer screen. Once it is up, you will need to unzip the file that you just downloaded with WinZip.

After you unzip the file you just downloaded, you will need to create a new folder on your computer somewhere where you will be able to find it easy, and name the folder Cute News. Once you have Unzip the file you downloaded from Cute News, go to Actions – Extract and Extract the files into the folder you just created called Cute News.

Next you need to open up your FTP Client that you will be using. There are several FTP Clients that offer free trials, I highly reccommend CuteFTP. Once your FTP Client is open, create a new folder called Cute News in your directory, and upload all the files from the Cute News folder on your computer into the Cute News folder in your directory of your FTP Client.

Once the files have been uploaded into your folder in your directory, find the folder called Data in your Cute News folder (located in your FTP Client) and right click on the folder. Once you have right clicked, look for the CHMOD/Properties in the box and change the number to 777, and select Ok.

After you have selected Ok, double click on the Data Folder and open it. Next, you will need to select all the folders and files that are located in there, and make sure that they are all highlighted.

Finally, go to your internet browser and type in your website (http:/// and it will give you instructions on what to do next.

Pretty easy, huh? If you ever have any problems installing it, Cute News offers a wonderful forum on their website where people are there to assist you with anything involving installing the software, and as well as all their features.

Once PHP Content Management is installed, it can provide numerous facilities to the entire spectrum and none can understand it better than a software expert because they are the know-it-alls in this field for which they have a preventivo sito web exclusively for others to identify it.

The Key to Weight Loss

The twenty first century has brought in its wake a multitude of new problems which we wouldn’t have imagined earlier. Obesity is one of them, and a major one at that. As of 2005 the WHO estimates that at least 400 million adults (9.8%) are obese, with higher rates among women than men. Owing to the sudden increase in the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer and osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus type 2, the governments of various nations have started bringing out healthcare programs with special attention to weight loss and fitness.

A person is said to be obese if he/she has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or higher. Between 1980 and 2000 the obesity rates in adults have almost doubled and with the numbers increasing it presents a very scary scenario. The primary reason for obesity is high calorie food intake and lack of physical exercise, which has become a part of our life style.

Weight-loss programs have recently become great hits among people. There are a lot of ways one can lose weight and maintain a level of fitness. Let’s start with dieting, a practice that has always been quite popular among girls, who aspire to get that super model look. Though dieting is a very good way to lose weight, ‘crash dieting’ and ‘unregulated-fasting’ can lead to severe side effects because food is just not calories. It provides six essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary minerals and water. Any diet that fails to provide the minimal nutritional requirements of all of these can threaten the health of the person with direct impacts on the day-to-day active life.

So instead of just starving, and go on a binge later, it is always advisable to stick to a balanced diet with low fat, low calorie and high nutritional content diet. The best way perhaps is to avoid eating between meals and snacking.

This is a practice that most people don’t follow especially the gluttonous lot for whom even a three course meal seems like a single one which is why most of them don’t succeed in shedding that extra flab so for starters, you can lookup custom keto diet reviews online to get an understanding of what an actual dial plan should be.

Good physical exercise is probably the best way to lose weight and stay fit. A brisk walk or a jog must be an everyday habit, rather than a sporadic one. Aerobic exercises, apart from helping you to shed weight, enhance your cardio-vascular system and strengthen your muscles. Regular exercise can help prevent or treat serious conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, insomnia, and depression.

There has been a recent interest in Yoga too. Yoga helps a person to stay absolutely fit, apart from giving him/her a sense of peace and total ease with the surroundings. It has been in practice for centuries and when learnt under proper supervision can tone a person’s muscles and increase the metabolism.

Obesity is not undefeatable. It just takes some self control and a lot of will-power. More importantly, it is about changing the mentality and about how one feels about oneself. Staying fit with a healthy eating habit is a better deal than having to suffer from the disease. After all, prevention is much, much better than the cure!

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