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Swimwear Clothing – Types Of Swimwear Today

Swimsuits first came about in the 1920s where women wore tank-like suits, then slowly progressed to suits with skirts in the 1930s. After this, along came the corset style swimwear that was in the ear of the 1940s to 1960s, although more stars and celebrities sported this style as the rest of the women wore regular one piece swimwear.

Nowadays, there are a million kinds of swimsuits, with varieties of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from.

Types of swimsuits in this article: One-piece (more adults wear than teens), Bikinis (most teens wear than adults), and Tankinis. (Adults and teens both favor this.)

Styles of the One-Piece: Styles of this type of suit can vary from full coverage and plain to revealing and colorful. Used to they were always fairly plain and now they have become very showy and sexy suits. Places such as Victoria Secret have some that are very nice and stylish and while you may not be able to wear a bikini, wearing a stylish one-piece will keep you feeling young and sexy without showing everything.

Styles of the Bikini: Wow, there are so many styles of the Bikini today. First, there is the basic; string top, usually sliding triangle, with string bottom, usually full coverage. You can now get the top in a halter form or bandeau form as well. They can tie or fasten as well. You can choose some that fully cover and those that barely cover. The bottoms are about the same. You can choose side ties, scoop, hipster and you can choose full, moderate or skimpy coverage.

While on Bikinis I’d also like to mention the craziness they have invented. They now have the thong bikini, the micro bikini, and the Brazilian bikini. The micro bikini is around 2 inches at the widest point (this varies) on the front. And of course, is a string thong all the way to the back. The thong bikini is just that. And Brazilian is the style, which is higher cut on the sides and shows more of the back and front. Very unique style.

There are of course also the boy shorts and hot shorts. Boy shorts being of full coverage usually, and hot shorts of moderate coverage.

Styles of the Tankini: Tankinis usually sport a tank-like a top that is fitted and can either go all the way to past your belly button, to stopping right under your chest. You can usually pair this with any style bottom of your choosing and they usually come paired with regular bikini bottoms.

These three types of swimsuits have become very popular and more and more women are sporting the skimpier ones. I won’t complain because if I had the self-confidence and body to wear one, I probably would too!

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