PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode: All You Should Know To Survive The Two Blue Zones

PUBG game has evolved a lot with the passage of time the new updates in the game has came to a point where you get a double blue zone mode in the game. In two blue zone mode the player need to face two-two blue zones in the game and player need to survive both of them. Those eho are new to this game and are unable to understand the mode they should first know about what is single blue zone.

Normal match

Under a normal either plays the game individually or in a team where they fight with other players in the battle field and the final aim is to kill all the enemies. During this match the circle in which player needs to play keep on reducing from time to time. It is not like the land of the game starts disappearing actually it is when the blue zone starts reducing the land. The blue zone brings a blue effect with it and a person who stays in a blue zone will eventually start losing their health and if do not try to go out of the zone will die.

A person who is playing the game can make an estimation about where the blue zone will end and can hide on some safe place so that they are not hitted by the zone generally professional players already know this. The players who want to join teams that play extremely well should have a high score in the profile and if you do not have one you can get it by buying cheap pubg accounts.

Two zone mode or Blue hole mode

As by now you are pretty much clear with the fact that ion a normal match the blue zone is going to decrease the land to fight for you but when you want to play the game in a blue hole mode or two blue zone mode it is not the same.

In a blue zone mode a blue hole or blue circle can appear in the middle of the map from nowhere. The blue circle can approach you from anywhere and even can get disappear after a few minutes.

But why is this blue hole created?

There are many players in the game who just wait and hide in a house or in a secured place, by this they make least efforts in the game and who knows if they can also eventually win the game. in this way it is treated as a measure of cheating with all those players who are fighting hard and moving from one place to another and playing fearlessly. So in order to bring all the player out second blue hole approches in the game.

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