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Puppy Ear Health Care Problems And Treatment

If you notice your puppy’s ear health beginning to deteriorate such as his becoming deaf you should immediately have him checked by a veterinarian because it may actually be a sign of some other illness or even infection. In order to ensure your puppy’s ear health, you need to have him regularly checked by a vet and such check-ups should also form a part of his routine upkeep, and some parts on your puppy’s anatomy that merit being checked regularly includes where places that have cuts, sores as well as abscesses and even infectious parts.

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While checking your puppy ear health, you need to look very closely at his ear canal and this you can do by drawing his ears back and also up so that his eardrum becomes easily visible. Signs of ill health in his ear canal are when the canal appears to be wet or are slightly inflamed and if such is noticed, then you need to take your pet to the vet for a check-up.

Another aspect to puppy ear health is the risk of mite infestation which is known to occur under normal circumstances, and especially when earwax is allowed to build up in your pet’s ears because such earwax is ideal feeding material for mites which will then create bacterial infections as well as inflammation in your puppy’s ear canal. However, by treating the ears with anti-biotic, you should not face any problem in getting rid of the mites though the treatment may have to be given for about three weeks which is enough time to rid the puppy of all of the mites at their different stages of development.

Also, to ensure proper puppy ear health, you must also wash his ears gently with warm water that also contains an ear wash solution and to also ensure that you remove all moistness from the ears after the wash because a moist puppy’s ear can encourage bacterial growth.

If you follow these simple steps in ensuring proper care for your puppies’ ears, you can at least ensure that many such common puppy ear health problems do not crop up, and thus you will have protected your puppy’s hearing which is so vital to his well being.

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