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Removing Mold from Your Favorite Purse

Mold loves dark, damp places so it’s no surprise that it would choose your favorite purse as a place to settle down and start a family. With that said, it’s important to make sure that you are not leaving any kind of perishable food items in your purse. A purse is already at risk of growing mold so you need to make certain you don’t give it a food source. This will surely lower the amount of mold inside so, assuming that you’re removing any week-old orange peels from the bottom of your bag, we can move on. Besides that, there are luxurytastic reviews that will help you in keeping your purse mold free. Moreover, you will get the best recommendations that you can follow in order to remove any mold that is there in your purse and prevent it from further growing. 

Another quick fix is to simply clean it out and let some fresh air in. Everyone breathes a little easier when you open a window and let some fresh air into a stuffy room. The same principle applies to your purse. Remove all the contents of your bag, open it up and let some clean air in. If possible, set it on a window sill to get some sunlight. This will help because mold prefers the dark and this will stifle its growth. Once you’ve let it air out a bit, you can even give a quick spritz of household air freshener with disinfectant to the inside of the bag. This will help kill the mold and fight off any nasty smells that may have built up. Be careful though. Make sure you are lightly spraying inside the bag. Depending on the type of bag you own, the spray may damage leather or any specially treated materials, so use sparingly.

A quick natural remedy is a thorough wipe down of the moldy area with a cloth dampened with lemon juice and water. Provided that the mold isn’t too out of hand, the acid in the lemon juice should be enough to kill what’s there. This is also a good method because it is relatively safe for most types of materials you would find in a handbag. This is a cheap way to solve your mold problem. Some people add a tablespoon of salt for extra cleansing power but be careful. Real leather may become stained by the salt so check your label carefully.

So, if all of the simpler methods haven’t made a dent in your mold, it may be time to take the fight to the next level. Most leather outlets will sell some kind of leather cleaner. A once over with any one of these will most likely kill off any mold. LTT Leather Care makes a mold killer specifically for this called LTT Em Clean. For a more ecologically friendly option, try Rustic Touch. It is safer for homes with children and pets and will also moisturize and extend the life of leather products while it cleans.

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