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Review: New Bic Soleil Razor For Women

If you are in the market for a new razor and are considering trying out the new Bic Soleil Razor, you may want to proceed with caution or stick with your current razor. Information about the caution will be provided in the haarschneidemaschine test. The results of the test will be in the favor of the person. The shaving of the hairs will be done near the eyes and under the neck.

I have been using my husband’s old Mach 3 razor by Gillette for several years now and thought I might upgrade to a woman’s razor with blades that were not as expensive as the Mach 3 blades. I was looking for something that was not the store brand, not disposable and was not as pricey as the big name brands on the market. When I found the Bic Soleil on the shelf at the local supermarket, I was excited. It was a snazzy orange color, the handle looked comfortable to hold, it had 3 blades and the package promoted a wide moisturizing strip, which is something I love about the Mach 3. The price was right, as was the price for the refill blades. It was quickly tossed into my cart without a second thought.

When I popped it out of it’s package and prepared for the first shave I had high expectations. The handle had a nice soft grip and its curvy design fit my hand perfectly. I thought that I had found my new razor. I was in love. I lathered up my shaving cream and proceeded to shave. The moment the blades scraped across my skin my mind changed instantly. I was no long in love. Instead of feeling a nice smooth shave, it felt like the hair on my legs had been torn out by the roots. My leg was actually stinging in the place I had shaved and I noticed spots of blood. That is definitely not what I was looking for.

I assumed that maybe I was pressing to hard or at a bad angle or that since it was a new blade it had not been properly broken in. I was disappointed by the moisturizing strip as well. Using my Mach 3, I could tell when the moisture strip was working, but with the Bic Soleil you wouldn’t know it was there. I felt nothing moisturizing about it, even when running my wet fingers over it.

I continued to use the razor during the next few weeks and even switched to the 2nd blade that came in the package, thinking that maybe I just had a faulty blade. To my displeasure, I found that with each and every shave nothing improved. I got an ok shave for an inexpensive razor, but paid the price with legs feeling and looking as though they were forced through a chipper/shredder. Aside from the shape of the handle, which I still love, there’s nothing sunny about the Soleil.

Women want soft, sexy, smooth, beautiful legs after shaving, not ones that burn and bleed and have to be covered in Band-Aids. I think I’m going to stick with my trusty Mach 3, despite the cost of replacement blades. That snazzy looking orange Bic Soleil sits unused in my shower just begging me to pick it up and try it again, but honestly, I don’t think I’ll have a change of heart on this one.

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