Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod – Know about the rebel mod

Combat is an ever-growing activity in the Minecraft Community. There are lots of ways to hold PVP games, but if you are looking for a different kind of view on PVP matches, then this is the mod for you. But THIS MOD REQUIRES FORGE! So you need to have the latest forge build installed before you can get it.

The Rival Rebels mod comes with just about everything you can think of that would be useful in combat. Weapons, plastic explosives, remote bombs, timed bombs, ammo, health kits, bunkers, barricades, and nukes. That’s right. NUKES. There are plenty of explosives mods out there that have nukes in them, but the devastation, effects, and the resulting effects on the environment from detonating a nuke in this mod is far worse. The stone is completely scorched, the wood turned petrified, and any of the ground you stand on is radioactive, making getting near the crater severely hazardous. The learning about the free Minecraft is essential for the gamers. The use of the explosive mod will offer benefits to the gamers. There is no harmful effect and danger available to the gamers. The learning will enhance the skills of the individuals.

Yeah. Did I forget to mention that there is a full mushroom cloud render? The hand-designed rendering of an actual mushroom cloud coupled with excellent sound makes blowing these things up very entertaining. The best part is that the way the effects have been designed keeps the amount of FPS lag to a minimum. Most systems will have no problems with this mod. Now, the way I have been talking up these nukes, you’d think that if someone sets one of them off, it’s all over for you. Well, not completely. These nukes are in fact, survivable thanks to the special armor set the Rival Rebels mod adds!

There are three different types of armor that Rival Rebels mod adds into the game. The first, and most important, is the Nuker Armor. It is two times stronger than a full set of diamond armor, and if you are wearing it, you are able to travel freely through any radioactive areas left behind by a nuke with a complete immunity to radioactivity damage, and have a much higher chance of survival if you are unlucky enough to be inside the blast radius when one goes off.

The other two sets are the equivalent of Iron Armor, and are colored gray or green camouflage based on which PVP faction you are in.

The whole PVP match system is included in this mod and requires no outside mods. It’s very easy to install and use, which is always good. There is so much stuff packed into this mod that it’s hard to explain in a short article. I won’t even touch the crafting recipes for everything, because there are so many of them. But there are many different craft-able blocks, such as quicksand, steel girders for climbing and construction, flags, the Jump Block ( special piston that launches the player into the air up to 25-30 blocks high), a block called “smart camo” that changes color based on what environment you are in, and many more. Also, most of the recipes are very cheap, consisting of gravel, cobble, sand, and dirt. So save up that gravel and dirt and have fun blowing stuff up!

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