Too Many Items Mod

Another cool mod that I have for you guys today is just a simple mod, which you will use a lot for your entire life in the game as long as you use the Minecraft account generator. Sometimes, you might find the game can become slightly boring, but surely the game itself is incredibly fun to enjoy playing, but what is causing it to be boring? Nothing new? Or late update. Whatever, let’s get in the content, the mod that I’m going to show you is called Too Many Items Mod. Let’s see some screenshots below to guess what this mod will do for you.

Too Many Items Mod is a simple mod that you can see in the screenshots that there is the new GUI added in. Actually, this is an extraordinary mod that is always improved and have been growing all the time. This mod is also known as TMI in which holds an incredible and unbelievable amount of features which is extremely useful in day to day Minecraft life. Basically, what will be added by this mod are included the preset time change button, easy game mode change button, change difficult button in single-player, delete button in single-player, fill health and food button, save and loud buttons allowing for 7 saves maximum in single-player, toggle weather button, favorites selection and enchant section. Those features even if it says that in single-player, but if you have a game mode in multi-player, you are allowed to use them as well. Those features that are given will make your life in Minecraft become much easier to live and play with. You can see all the items, you can bring all the items you want which is like game mode, but with another new good looking GUI. You don’t even have to type to change the time or the weather and many more.

If you find this Too Many Items Mod interesting and useful which you do not like how game mode work that you will have to type to set time and weather and other option like enchantment and many more, why not give this awesome mod a go. Even if it makes your life in-game become better, but it won’t ruin your game because most of the game people using this mod in single-player not on the server though. You still find fun using this mod though.

Too Many Items Mod Main Features

  • Preset time change button added
  • Easy game mode change button added
  • Change difficulty button added
  • Delete button added
  • Fill health and food button added
  • Save and Load buttons added
  • Toggle weather button added
  • Favorites selection added
  • Enchant section added
  • Too Many Items Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can easily set time and weather by clicking the button
  • You don’t even have to type in the command, you can click the button to toggle the command
  • The features given are pretty useful


  • Those features might help you but will ruin your game
  • Sometimes, even if you play in single-player, still the mod might not work properly
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