Trying Different Eliquid Flavors Attitudes And Methods

Trying different eliquid flavors is one of the ways you could get the most from vaping. Being offered in wide variety of flavors, ecigs were able to please millions of smokers and helped them find the way out of smoking.

Flavors play an important role in people’s lives, interests and very existence. Smoking tobacco cigarettes has dulled smokers’ ability to taste. Through vaping, this ability was revived and by trying different eliquid flavors, this faculty could even be made sharper

The Right Attitude

From many studies and surveys, you will see that the variety of eliquid flavors have made many smokers successful in keeping away from cigarettes for good. Contrary to what critics insist that flavors in eliquids are just for tricking the children toward addiction, flavors in ecigs are actually playing a very important role. People have various opinions based on their own desires and requirement when it comes to the vaping kits. The vaporesso target pm80 is one of the powerful and highly intelligent vaping kits. It meets all the requirements of the consumer as stated in the reviews of the products. 

Tobacco flavored ecigs are normally the starting point for some smokers while other who have tried other flavors on first vape were able to start vaping with non-tobacco flavors. From tobacco flavored vapes to other flavors is apparently a transition that not every vaper is able to do due to their individual attitudes.

There are some who claim that they have this special bond with tobacco so even if they are no longer smoking, they still vape with the variety of tobacco flavors. Steve Christie, for example, admitted that he has been a staunch tobacco flavor ejuice user all through his ecig journey. He could agree with what other vapers say except when they say that most vapers do not vape tobacco flavored eliquid.

It vwas a few weeks ago when he bought his three monthly ejuice mixing kit, remembering to specifically indicate preference for tobacco. When the package arrived, Steve said he received the wrong concentrates of coffee cinnamon Danish, pralines and cream. He contacted the vendor and got the right tobacco concentrates the next day. Yet, he simply had the inkling to try the cinnamon Danish the following week. It was an epiphany, he claimed. Thus, vapers who value their connection with tobacco should cut themselves some slack and be open in trying other flavors.

The Useful Methods

Trying different eliquid flavors is also crucial not only in refreshing your interest in vaping, but also keeping the taste buds in good condition.

Out of the many eliquid flavors, you are surely going to find one that you could keep on vaping for always. Yet, this could lead to vaper’s tongue, a condition when you would think you have lost your ability to taste again because the sense of smell and taste were desensitized.

Separate Tank For Each Flavor. This will make it a breeze to change flavors anytime during the day. There are some vapers with amazing organizational skills, who label and use color coding inputting their vape supplies in order especially when they need to go elsewhere with their vapes. This would be like carrying with you a sampler pack of flavored cartomizers.

Mixing Flavors In One Tank. Of course, having separate tanks for each flavor could rather be costly if you are thinking of trying over 20 flavors. Instead of one tank per flavor, consider pouring a new flavor to the old one inside the same tank. Do this only after you have done a short research if the flavors can be paired without resulting to an unpleasant flavor. For example, a short search will tell you that mint and chocolate go well together; or tobacco with fruit flavors, etc. The idea is to be able to find a certain ejuice flavor whose flavor elements are similar to the flavors you are thinking of mixing in one tank.

Instead of researching, you could possibly mix together a drop of the old and new ejuice flavors on an appropriate surface and then take a whiff of the resulting aroma. By the smell of the resulting blend, you could have an idea if it will taste good or bad. Remember to wipe and clean up after this experiment.

One Tank For Different Flavors. Of course, if you are not that adventurous in trying flavors, you could also clean the tank thoroughly first before dripping the new flavor you like to vape. If the old flavor still lingers in the atomizer, you might need to replace the atomizer head.


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