Where To Look For Inspiration When Creating New Makeup Looks

We all need makeovers now and then to refresh our style or simply to boost our confidence; we can either change our hair, makeup, or wardrobe by learning How to Buy Wholesale Clothing for Your Boutique or for your personal collection. Today we asked lovely blogger Armine from to unveil her beauty tips when it comes to new makeup looks. Take a look.

Like anything else in the fashion world, makeup also requires innovations from time to time, as wearing the same colors every day makes your look really boring and monotonous. Therefore, with the arrival of a new season, we, classy girls, always look for new inspiration sources to create new makeup looks that will be trendy and that will make us look really fabulous.

With spring almost here, it’s high time to boost up your appetite for a new and trendy makeup look: new inspiration and new you! Need a hint? It’s really everywhere – on the runways, fashion trends, in glossy fashion magazines, on popular websites and blogs, all around you. All you need to do is spend a little time and you’ll be done with it. Below, we bring to your attention a few useful tips, if you are on the hunt for some inspiration sources for new makeup looks.

Catwalk Trends

Perhaps no one manages to create a more beautiful harmony between new trendy clothing and fresh makeup looks than legendary fashion designers, who demonstrate their gorgeous creations twice a year, predicting the upcoming trends, as well as inspiring fashionistas to create new makeup looks.

As time passes by some trends become old news, replaced by new ones. Sometimes the old comes back and becomes even trendier, so you can fearlessly use any trend for makeup in addition to posting your own signature and style to it. Keep your eye on the hottest fashion shows and you are sure to find great makeup ideas there.


Artworks are really a matter of experiments with color palettes and shapes. As you get inspired by a certain piece of artwork, make sure to try it out, even if you’re not so much of a skilled artist. You do have fun in the process and you never know, the result you get might be far more beautiful than you can have possibly imagined. Just dare to experiment and remember that visual art is the main source of inspiration.


We can safely say that nature is the basis of ALL inspiration sources, the greatest thing that has made the world such a beautiful place. Nature has so many beautiful colors and hues: don’t worry, you always get back up. A great idea is to take pictures of natural sights or phenomena and try to translate them into your makeup looks.


One of the key points to your makeup inspiration is your outfit, of course. Mix and match, combine, tweeze around, create new shapes and lines – anything you feel goes with your outfits, the fabric prints, and the color palettes.


Of course, each of us has a perfect face and body there in Hollywood, who inspires us with her always impeccable looks and enviable style. It’s always a great idea to draw inspiration from your favorite celebrity. However, never try to copycat her, as you might look ridiculous or you may end up with the wrong makeup: keep in mind that everyone should first of all look at her unique facial features, skin tone, and eye color before going for certain products and makeup hues.

As you see inspiration sources are endless. There you also have famous fashion bloggers, style icons, TV, and perhaps voguish friends, who can hint some makeup tips to you and put you on the right track finally. Your makeup is somewhat of a trademark for you and your style. Get inspired, dare for new and crazy things, have fun and the aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed; the result you get can be sweetly surprising.

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